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Thread: Need desperate help - Warlord_Zon'ozz (10 normal)

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    Need desperate help - Warlord_Zon'ozz (10 normal)

    Greetings members of the tankspot community!
    I was hoping that anyone if you could give me (us / my guildy's) some advice on how to defeat Zon'ozz's on 10 man normal difficulty.

    We have just managed to get our raid trough Firelands this week and killed Ragnaross.
    This might not sounds like much, but as a semi- casual raid group this was quite the achievement for us.

    But now we are having a lot of difficulty trying to kill this boss and it's rather demoralizing the raid.
    I have try'd this boss with my guildy's on both my range dps and healer.

    healing, basically
    people die in phase one every once in a while, then the tank will die, and other times it's during the second phase while people stack up.

    All our raid members are in Firelands type item level gear that are coming to this raid.
    Some are lacking a few enchants, but nothing that should cause there performance to drop drastically
    (Rank 1 and 2 are raid members) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/guild/tr...ort=rank&dir=a


    1 tank
    3 healers
    6 dps (2 melee 4 range most of the time)

    - Tank faces range dps, balls spawns and he turns him around to prevent raid damage.
    one or 2 healers will stand on melee's location for a even 5/5 spread, we will let the ball go to 5 stacks the first time and after that we let it go to the boss after 3
    - if I am on my disp priest, I trow a PWS on a target with a debuff and then I cleanse, resulting in next to no damage from the debuff cleansing
    - Rotating healing cooldowns during second phase

    - We have had the fight go 3 -3 - 3 stacks, rather then 5 and we have had it go to 5 -5 -5, both resulting in the same amount of issue's.
    - 4 healer setup
    We swapped a dps out for a healer to increase it, but we are still getting our buts kicked just as much.


    It feels like we are simply not good enough for it, no mather how much we try, but it's the same group as we did Ragnaross with not 10 minute ago.
    I would think we would at least get to 30% or the enrage timer with four healers, but 50% is about as far as we can get him befire the healing seems to get out of hand.

    Any help?, Thanks in advance!

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    We found Warlord the hardest fight as well but we are only running with 3 healers and the only time we suffer is in phase 2 where our healers take turns to blow a raid heals cooldown as soon as everyone is stacked.
    We set up 2 markers for the ranged and heals in a line and have the boss face the raid until the ball spawns then turn him 90 degrees to avoid the frontal cone attack.
    as soon as the ball has enough stacks we move the melee group out of the way allowing the ball to hit the boss.

    we usually have 2 heals and 2 melee in melee range.
    and rest dps + 1 heals in the ranged group.
    Single people shud not be dying in phase 1 unless they are either not stacking properly or the debuff is not being cleansed at the right time.
    remember you cant cleanse the debuff if the ball is about to hit the group or that person will most likely die.

    p2 is really just about using a raid heal CD as soon as all are stacked and then any self heals etc people can use to help.
    as a dps warrior i also help out with rallying cry etc.
    what 3 heals are you using and what tank.

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    We have two resto druids and a Holy priest and our tank is a feral Druid.
    Our OT is a protection paladin, but he seems to take twice the damage as our feral druid

    I also have a DK that needs very little healing, but I think the 10% spell power of my warlock will probably be better for the raid.
    (I have been trying to get alternative classes in for better overall , but sadly, our raid has always had to many druids, and we have grown well as a raid group to leave people out.)

    We also use the markings on the ground to stand, and overall we try our best to only dispel when the ball is moving away and a player is above 60k health.


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    my guild was having trouble with this also, after multiple wipes at 2 and 3% doing 5 bounces we switched to 3 bounces and got it in 3 attempts, one thing we did to make it easier is we had our tank healer (disc priest) stand in melle and move with them, after the melle got hit by the first bounce the melle and disc priest went left and the tank went right to make sure the boss got hit by the next bounce. we had our resto druid stand off to the left side away from the balls path as a raid healer and to keep rolling hots on the tank plus she was doing dispels. we had our third healer (resto shammy) stand in the range and worry about raid healing. with doing three bounces, i would, as the disc priest, hit the tank with pain supression as the ball would come out to make sure the tank wouldnt die while moving(not nessicary on the first ball spawn). on the third one the tank would use survival instincts since pain sup was on cd. this made tank damage managable and cut down on raid damage alot. when it went into phase 2 we alternated raid cooldowns to help survive it, a resto druid can tranquility every other phase 2 with 3 bounces. so we had our resto druid do tranq on 1st and 3rd and i dropped barrier on 2nd and hymn on 4th. with your raid having 2 resto druids you could tranquility every phase 2. have 1 druid pop tree form and the other do tranq, then next phase 2 they switch the first 1 pops tranq second one pops tree form. that should make living through that phase fairly easy. rinse and repeat. just make sure your druid sitting off to the side keeps rolling hots on the tank because the tank damage is fairly high this way, with a holy priest instead of a disc priest gaurdian spirit will work nicely in place of pain supp when the melle has to move and make sure that your healers are popping their mana regen cds properly, after the first phase 2 have your priest top everyone off and then pop shadow fiend and hymn, this will put the priest back to basically full mana and after phase 2 ends the damage is fairly low

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    Do you have any logs?
    At a glance the healers have a laundry list of issues.
    Talents, Glyphs, Gear, Gems, Reforging, Professions, and Reputations. Given the list it wouldn't surprise me if logs also indicated how they were healing wasn't ideal for the context.
    "In anything, if you want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage." /w TankSpot WTB Montage for Raiders.

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    WORKS ONLY ON 10 man

    The Paladin can be OT and he must have the glyph for 40% magical dmg redution. Rest stack behind teh boss and play ping pong with the OT. You will always have all in range for heals and aoe heals will be far better. All dps keep cds for p2 aswell as deff cds. If you feel good with this tactic try to keep 3-3-3 if you can ressist more then try to do 4-3-3 or similar.
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    I would like to thank everyone who posted in here for ideas and help!
    We just managed to down him after a few try's (we only had one raid this week)

    I took most of the advice here and rearranged the groups for better healing assignments and checked every one's spec and gear.
    I decided to get a better disp healing spec, and with the new gear we found in the raid finder, it seem'd to go way better.

    Thanks again everyone!

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