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Thread: /dbm pull Macro

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    /dbm pull Macro

    Is there a way to stop the countdown for "/dbm pull <time>"? I have been unsuccessful searching for it. Sometimes we have people who click ready on a readycheck then call out they are not really ready.

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    In dbm I don't think there is. However I do know that other addons have the option. I know for certain that Pull Contdown does. The other advantage to this addon is you don't have to have assist (it won't show as a raid warning without assist though).

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    I would say that people need to only click ready when they are actually ready instead of just clicking ready out of habit.
    For the few times something comes up right after hitting ready, people should be paying attention on mumble/vent for that call out.

    You could also make a macro that announces that the countdown is cancelled. Granted the timer will still count down.

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    I would say just emphasise the difference between a ready check and a AFK check. If you're about to pull, call out in vent that it's a fight ready check and the everyone should check their buffs/flasks/class specific crap befor hitting ready.

    I've also found that just doing a 30 second DBM pull directly after the ready check gives everybody sufficient time to double check and make sure they have everything ready. It might not be ideal if you're in a hurry, but jsut my suggestion.

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    We (or rather I) just do a countdown from 3 in Teamspeak, after a ready check. If something isn't important enough for you to yell out in TS to stop before I reach "1" and everybody hits their potion, it isn't important enough to stall the pull for.

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