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Thread: deadly boss mod raid warning.

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    deadly boss mod raid warning.

    How do I unable raid warning so that the raid can see the message? Or did dbm disable that option?

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    Re: deadly boss mod raid warning.

    If you want your raiders to see it, make them all get the mod.

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    If you want people to have local warnings they should be running the addon themselves. Additionally, this will make the warnings specific to them. Knowing I'm going to blow up is information different from knowing someone near me will blow up and I may want to know the difference so I react appropriately.

    This is the wrong forum for this type of question. Please make an effort to post your topics in the appropriate forum instead of placing them all under general. There is an entire forum dedicated to User Interface, Addons, and Macros. And in that forum there is also a topic for asking quick questions that don't require a thread of their own.
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