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Thread: Prot War PVP information

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    Prot War PVP information

    I recently leveled another warrior specifically for prot pvp / fc. I've followed the tankspot community for a long time but prot pvp doesn't seem to get alot of attention. Where is the best place to find solid information on Protection Warrior PVP? Preference on gearing, spec, gems and reforging but overall guides would be nice. Thanks in advance.

    Here's a link to my char thus far, for lol's:

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    meta: i prefer stamina/spelldamage over stamina/armor
    head/shoulder: get pvp enchants
    cloak: 250 armor
    wrist: 40 stamina
    legs: tank enchant
    trinket1: get res/+hitpoints on use

    socket boni: if it's no +res (eg: gloves, waist) gem for pure res. Two sockets without yellow? Gem for pure res as well (eg: panties).
    profession: drop at least herbalism for jc or bs
    reforging: everything into mastery, just stay at your hitcap (5%)
    talents: you missed the most important one besides shockwave: piercing howl!
    glyphs: ph, spell reflect and faster charge, combined with blitz you can stun a LOT

    But honestly i wouldn't bother playing/(learning!) a flag carrier that season, with legendary dagger incoming at the start of 2012, nasty pve burst trinkets for every class/specc and 25% healing debuff you'll have a VERY hard time staying alive beyond 4+ stacks without a well practised team.

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    I Prot Pvp but i do not go for flag carrying spec. Yes, I can flag carry but I do not prefer it. If you want to look at my guys spec and his gear and gems here is the link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...rcluvin/simple

    I use Strength and Resil. I dish out a beating and I can take a beating very easily. It is very hard to kill a prot warrior the way I have mine set. I have flag carried before but my spec is designed around beating in peoples faces and can flag carry when nessecary. This spec works very well in arenas and I have survived on my own in 2v2s and beat teams of two rogues and two frost mages that were both way beyond my rating. It is a great spec. If you have any other questions let me know

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    I would also go on Youtube and look up Daijozen. He is a beast at Prot PvP

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    I got the Souldrinker 1 hander from Deathwing on LFR the other day been using it for prot pvp and i must say its made a big deifferance. worth getting it if u can

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