Hi guys.
Just wanted to post to check back in with you guys. I left MMO's about 2.5yrs ago to pursue real life things, but now find myself in a position where I want to return (and have the time!).
When I left my guild was progressing nicely through Ulduar25 (damn you mimiron!) and I was main tank. I played a warrior tank as main (closely followed by my resto Druid who I love playing!).
Iv redownloaded and have played up till level 84 so far. I'm levelling as an Arms warrior with intention of switching straight to a prot warr when I hit cap.

So, the game has changed a lot! It was kinda daunting logging back in after 2.5yrs. I was immediately msg'd by an old guild leader who added me back into the old guild (now downgraded to a social guild) because of the ...."guild perks". Ok that ones new to me!
So far iv found that the levelling process is incredibly easy. I've also heard from various people that the trend runs right through the game now. That the end game raids have no real skill requirement to them. Please tell me this isn't true?!

I'll get some reading done on here anyway to pick up any major changes I need to be aware of. Please feel free to let me know any if you feel generous! (effective health still the way to go for progression?)

See you all around