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Thread: Help, need advice about "haste levels"

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    Help, need advice about "haste levels"

    Hi guys, this is my Hunter SV http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Shianne/simple and i have a problem with the levels of haste with 2 pieces of T13, in many forum a variety of hunter state, you have to level the haste in your gear until 1600 aprox, others say simply that reach the cap of 757 is the way for survival, and i donīt know what supposed to do :S

    P.D: Sorry about my english xD

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    First: Hit your local training dummy and see what pleases you more. With the new 2 piece you're capable of launching more hard hitting abilities in the same timeframe but you'll have to sacrifice some crit/mastery for it. How does it feel with more haste?
    Second: Hit simcraft and/or femaledwarf and play the numbers game with a focus on your internet connection. All haste in the world won't help you if you sim for 20ms and play at 150ms regulary
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