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Thread: Gems, its a good one go for Stamina this days?

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    Gems, its a good one go for Stamina this days?

    Hello, im a prot warrior with 1 year tank experience my war is full mastery reforge and gems, but this days i was thinking if stamina arent better for the new raid progressions, what you guys think?

    theres my armory, if you guys have any sugestions please let me know:


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    Being unhittable is better then stamina but once you're past 102,4% stamina is certainly good. I'm still fully mastery gemmed but that's to reach 102,4 with 1 stamina trinket and flask (390 itemlvl) and I'm going to switch over to a few stamina gems when i get more upgrades.

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    It might take some time until you got enough wiggle room for a stamina trinket (8+ epic mastery gems or 10+ regular ones), until then start replacing your gems one by one with stamina and switch back when you got enough upgrades. Final goal should be something like that: souldrinker + 1-2 stam trinkets + stam flask.

    Ps: get the boe boots ASAP, no reason not to use them over stompers.

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