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Thread: Tanking advice

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    Tanking advice

    Mainly looking for a gear check and a little advice on tanking; I seem to be taking more damage than most other tanks in raids. Also, should i gem more for mastery? I've seen pally tanks gem purely for mastery, wondering if I should as well. TY for your time. Oh and yes I know the helm is horrible lol, working on it. Also getting 75 stam to chest, havent had a chance yet.


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    Anything I say is assuming you have read my guide (click on the picture in my signature).

    You need to reforge more items to mastery. You have 53% block, but could have a lot more.

    Rules of thumb:
    If an item has no mastery, put mastery on it.
    If an item has avoid stat & avoid stat, reforge the one that you already have more of.
    If an item has avoid stat & threat stat, reforge the threat stat.
    If an item has avoid stat & threat stat, and the threat stat is less than 1/2 of the avoid stat, you gain more combat table coverage by reforging the avoidance to mastery.

    You need about 945 mastery rating to block cap (yo are at about 92.5% and you need to get to 102.4% - why? read the guide ). By reforging correctly, you would get about 555 mastery rating (6.97% block), leaving you at around 99% CTC. This means you only need to find another 3.4% block from somewhere (mastery elixir + mastery food are about 3.9% btw) and you are blocking every swing that you don't avoid. This is slightly more than the equivalent of having Divine Protection up permanently, in fact it means you are taking 31% less damage from the boss' melee attacks at all times.

    Did this help?

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