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Thread: Fire of the Deep trinket or the valor neck as a first buy?

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    Specially since we're at the point where it's not hard to get ctc cap. Before I could maybe justify taking a strange piece if it had a ton of mastery on it (like the dps str mastery helm from alys). But now that most people are at the ctc cap it's about Maintaining cap > stamina > avoidance for me. So even some of the dodge / parry pieces look enticing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryceE View Post
    I was looking at fire of the deep and the valor neck to buy first, but can't decide which I want to get. I was figuring get the neck and hoping for soulshifter vortex or one of those trinkets to drop in DS, but I know my luck on drops so probably would never get it lol.
    Your first instinct is right. Get the neck. Remember that the valor neck is the ONLY tanking neck in DS. Currently to my knowledge there is not even a way to upgrade these items like there was in Firelands (gj Blizzard on this one. Finally add something intelligent and then bam, don't keep going with it.)

    Also I would like to point out that the Soulshifter Vortex is a fairly poor trinket for a CTC capped Paladin. Yes it will be a nice stam boost but the "Mastery" proc trinkets tend to get wasted more than they get used. Yes I realize that there is still value to having avoidance over the cap but, increasing your Mastery via a proc really helps you a lot less than you think it does.

    As someone else said, your current FL Mastery/Str trinket isn't ideal, it isn't horrible either. You actually may benefit more from the old standby Mirror of Broken Images (if you have it) or since you are an alchemist, you could benefit from the pure stam and decent mastery on the Alchemist Stone in that slot. Both have a good deal of use in DS while the Strength use really does very little to benefit you from a tanking perspective. We all bought that trinket for Alysrazor when our dps actually mattered pre-nerf.

    Cloak wise ... Its interesting to note that currently the T13 BiS Druid tanking cloak (for those of us who never got lucky with the Heroic Rhy Cloak) is the Agi/Mastery 403 PvP cloak that can be purchased with Conquest or found on the new BH boss' loot table. The Strength/Mastery cloak sacrifices less than .1% avoidance for the benefit of more mastery, stamina and armor than the FL or even the new Hour of Twilight cloaks. You definitely are going to get better bang for your buck out of the Dreamcrusher, but if you happen to be a PvPer or get lucky in BH, its a real stepping stone option.
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    I would wear the INT cloak...........for my HOLY SET. That joke aside, I went ahead and picked up the cloak, ring, and boots, for my pally tank. These were the best and quickest upgrades I could get my hands on. After farming for weeks to get the tanking weapon from the 1st boss in WoE, now I'm just waiting for any conq token to drop, either from lfr, or DS reg.

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