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Thread: Need some Shaman help, if you'd please.

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    Need some Shaman help, if you'd please.

    Okay, so this is likely to be sobering, painful, and perhaps slightly depressing for me. Not all in that order, but I expect all three will happen. I need some advice on what to do with my Shaman.

    Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...s/Leros/simple

    Things I already know/to keep in mind:

    "OH DEAR GOD RUN HEROICS NOW!"-Yeah, I know this one. The issue I have with this is people tend to pitch a fit at me in LFD if it's not a Guild group, and often it can be very difficult to scrape one together since everyone is overgeared/doing their own thing and as nice as they are, stopping to help doesn't seem to be high on their list.

    "Here, use XXX Spec."-I'd love to, but for some reason my browser loathes the Wowhead talent calculator, the official one works, but apologies if that hampers things. I'm still looking into why it dislikes the thing. Something with Java, I dunno.

    "what have you been DOING all this time?!"-Frankly, I came back probably not a month or two ago. I've been off doing other things since then. I quit just about the time the ZA/ZG thing was being thrown around as likely possibility rumor.

    I'd LIKE to Heal again, and I've been working on that. However being DPS has gotten me what few pieces I have since when people look at meters they tend to look at their own number and it makes things a smidge easier. Do I like being semi-carried? HELL no. Rather pull my own weight. But a guy's gotta have points and he's gotta start somewhere to gear up.


    Any suggestions on spec, gear, etc. Are welcome. Same thing with Spell priorities for either specc as well as totems. Ele it seems like nothing's changed, and Resto....I'm fine with single-target healing, but unless something's changed the last I heard Chain Heal was nerfed into shit and Healing Rain still takes a fair chunk of mana and people like to run out of it unless it's close-quarters.

    Specific question for anyone who knows: on the note of totems, if I happen to be running with another Shaman, and one of us already has the Stoneskin/Flametounge/Healing Stream/Wrath of Air setup. What else does one use for an Earth-Totem? I know Strength of Earth is pretty much overwritten by the DK horn and whatnot, Searing is fine except I'd rather not get aggro on something the tank isn't dealing with or when I'm trying to heal. Mana Stream is fine, I actually prefer it for longer fights, but is Windfury really worth it or is that overwritten too?

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    I'm sure these websites can help out. If you have a question about something specific, i'm sure you will get responses. Asking about the complete mechanics of a class won't generate to many responses.

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    There's also Airowird's Guide here.

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