Hello friends,

I've been put in charge of finding and administrating a website for my store, part of a very large retail company. Our goal is to create a source for employees to communicate with one another about the goings on within our specific store. There will be videos and pictures, and I need forums and a news scroll with an rss feed. There will only be 50-100 people utilizing the site, so I don't need a dedicated server for now. PLUS! (MUY IMPORTANTE) I need this website to be 100% private. That is another thing causing issues within my search. I've looked into many web hosting websites including Dreamhost, Boardoo, and Siteground to name a few. But I always go back to my guilds website.

Guildlaunch.com, I LOVE the layout of our site and it is EXACLTY what I want out of the website I set up for my store. The problem I've encountered is that I have only been able to find video game guild hosting websites with this particular layout. To find out if Dreamhost/Siteground offer similar layouts I have to pay and hope I receive my funds back if I'm not satisfied. The problem with this, is that management wants something before 1/1/12. They don't want to bounce around between websites and neither do I. I do not want our staff getting confused.

I also very much like Tankspot. It too is precisely the layout and has all the same options I'm looking for. I PM'd the webmaster to find out who hosts this website but thus far have received no reply. Oddly enough, through pure luck, I noticed that Boardoo.com and Tankspot.com have the same little emblem on my Firefox tabs which leads me to believe Boardoo hosts Tankspot.

Are you folks aware of any other web hosting sites that are reputable and have all the features I'm looking for? And am I correct in assuming Boardoo "hosts" Tankspot.com? Any help would be much appreciated.

I suppose in the long run I'd be content with a blog of sorts that I can make completely private and would allow for people to comment on posts. Something with a forum included would be optimal. However, I want the ability to add features to our website as it expands so I'm reluctant to just go to blog____.com