Post: Death Knight Death strike buff and his glyph
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was it necessary to insult the person you were referring to?

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This isn't the wow forums. Talk as if you were being watched by someone with a big stick. Leethaxor was agreeing with you but was stating there is already a thread discussing this so why necro a 5 month thread to say nothing new. Cut it out.

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Whether or not that guy will, I'd be glad to. It's a tuesday, so I'm sure I'll find time for a pug or whatever.
In the snobs defense, if said dk is fully heroic geared with Sulfuras n' stuff, I don't doubt that his numbers are possible.

But mine is just a sh^t alt char, with mismatched gear.

EDIT: All that being said, the majority of other death knights I've grouped with on my main are TERRIBLE. And I mean just downright freaking awful. <10k dps, less than 2k self healing per second, yada yada. If you could looked just at stats of the more skilled players in competitive guilds, I'm sure you'd see more impressive numbers. :END EDIT