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Thread: H - Mannoroth - <Double Jeopardy> is looking for raiders for Tier 13.

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    H - Mannoroth - <Double Jeopardy> 6/8 DS LFM

    Who Are We?
    Double Jeopardy is a casual raiding guild on the Mannoroth server who enjoy all aspects of the game. Our membership ranks consist of college students, professionals, parents, family members, real life friends, and generally speaking, mature individuals who understand that Warcraft is just a hobby, albeit a time consuming and very fun one.

    Important Raid Information
    Raiding Nights: Wednesday and Sunday
    Raiding Start Times: 8:45pm to Midnight EST

    Invites go out 15 minutes before raid starts with first pull at start time. Raids last three hours from start.

    Current Expansion Progression
    Bastion of Twighlight: 4/4 Regular
    Blackwing Descent 6/6 Regular
    Throne of the Four Winds: 2/2
    Firelands 7/7 Regular 1/7 HM
    Dragon Soul 6/8

    Current Recruiting Needs
    We are looking for the following roles to fill out our raiding ranks:
    • Healers - 2 any class
    • DPS - 2 ranged
    • Tanks - 2 with viable second spec and gear
    Every applicant must be willing to commit to our raiding nights and times. All raiders are expected to be on time and prepared for raids. Failure to show up on time or fully prepared may result in being placed on the bench the following week (or longer depending on frequency and severity).

    We are happy to spend the time to help any serious recruit gear their toon up to speed for raiding, however, we do expect that each member make an effort to learn their class, gear needs (including gems and enchants), and raid situational roles. We are always here to help if we can but will never do it all for you.

    A Bit on our Philosophy
    Turnover of membership has always been low because we all consider ourselves a virtual family. While many of you may have been in multiple guilds over the years in WoW, my goal is and always has been for Double Jeopardy to be the last guild anyone joins so we strive for the type of strong community that has kept this guild going strong for nearly three years now.

    We stress respect both given and received by all members of our guild to each other and to members of the WoW community. We maintain a PG environment within which to enjoy this game (although late night things can get a bit rowdy at times in good fun).

    How to Apply
    If you are interested in checking us out, please go to www.dbljeopardy.com to read our policies and find out a bit more about us.

    Our general policies can be found HERE.

    Our recruitment policies can be found HERE.

    If you like what you see and think we are just the type of environment you are looking for, fill out an application (requires registration on the site). As a tip to anyone applying for membership, we have taken the time to develop application questions we believe help us find mature individuals so please answer fully and respectfully. Remember, the application is our first impression of you. We typically take a day or so to process applications but feel free to contact me in game on Euclidean, Lassic, Migoo, Downshift, or Shakrakahn.

    *Alts, real life friends, and family members are always welcome with Double Jeopardy.
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