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Thread: Confused about what stats to get

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    Confused about what stats to get

    Hey, well this is me


    ut after looking at a lot of the pallys i know on my server they all have concentrated on int, crit haste then spirit; where i have gone for int spirit crit then haste.

    Ive never really had a problem with mana, my holy light is about a 1.9 sec cast (raid buffed) i dont seam to have any problems raiding.

    But could i be a lot better? if my gems are all wrong and enchants ect. I must admit i do use mr robot

    Any help of suggestions would be great even a "stfu your fine" lol.

    Thanks guys

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    Everything I have seen about Pally healing is more or less Int > Spirt/Haste > Crit/Mastery.
    Basically if it doesn't have Spirit or Haste, reforge to it.
    Not an expert, only just getting back into trying to heal with my Pally. But wowreforge.com does seem to support it.

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    Bear in mind that Holy Paladins are getting quite a few changes in 4.3, so any advice given now may be obsolete in three weeks time.

    Intellect is you best stat. It makes your heals bigger, gives you a bigger mana pool, and increases your mana regeneration.

    Spirit and haste need balancing. More haste means more throughput, but it also means your mana usage increases too, as you are casting more spells. Spirit increases your mana regeneration, and should therefore not be neglected. Paladin healers in T12 gear tend to have around 2800-3200 spirit and 1700-2100 haste rating.

    Crit makes your heals bigger some of the time. Should not be neglected, but isn't something to be prioritized.

    Mastery is currently the weakest stat, it only works on direct heals, and does not provide an absorb from beacon transferred heals. It is, in essence, a (much) weaker version of a Disc Priest's Divine Aegis.

    I cannot judge your gear because you logged out in your PvP stuff.

    Chamenas wrote a Holy Paladin guide, you can find it here. It may be worth your while to give it a read through.

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