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Thread: 4.3 - Holy Paladins (questions) + Newbie

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    4.3 - Holy Paladins (questions) + Newbie

    Greetings! I am a new player for Holy Paladin healing.

    I have few questions to who is hpally as a main and knows his/hers class ;D

    1) Do I need mastery? If yes why? How it affects healing?
    2)Do i need haste? If yes, whats the cap of it?
    3) Do i need crit?
    Spirit cap? or more spirit = perfect?
    Addons? Is it personal choice or is there any holy paladin healing addons?
    Is there any ways i can track mine Judgements of the Pure? http://www.wowhead.com/spell=54151/j...ts-of-the-pure - Like an addon or something.

    How to maintain mana? When I should use Flash Heal? Can i spam Holy Radiance?
    How could I beat other heals and be top at healing scale?
    Should I switch Beacon of Light when healing other tank? or different target?
    Do i need intel flask or spirit flask?
    And Do i need Enlightened Judgements? http://www.wowhead.com/spell=53556 (IMO i think this is for pvp)

    Sorry for my fail grammar if there is any, I apologize for too many questions. I really want to learn Hpallies ASAP.

    Thanks! =D

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    I will try to answer as many questions as I can.

    Mastery affects our healing by adding a bubble on the target. The amount of this bubble is determined by your mastery rating. In general, it is not considered a strong secondary stat due to the bubble not transferring to the beaconed target, and does not activate during the HoT part of Holy Radiance [HR] (it does bubble the initial heal). You can make a mastery heavy build if you plan to focus more on direct heals on your tank. Given how important and a large part of healing HR is, I would recommend against it.

    Hast is an important stat for healing. It decreases your cast time of all your spells, and adds more ticks to the HoT part of HR. Notable bench marks are 777 haste to get 5 ticks of healing with all self buffs, raid buffs, and Divine Favor active. 2513 is required to get a 6th tick with all the previous and bloodlust. If you want 5 ticks of healing at all time (with self buffs) you need 3500, but that is really only doable with dragon soul gear.

    Crit is very undervalued due to the overhealing and the randomness of the state. It has inched over master in terms of AoE healing, just because our HR and Dawn of Light are 'smart' heals, and will benefit more from crit than before. I personally forgo crit for more reliable stats.

    In general, you want spirit. If you go with a haste build, you need more spirit to keep up with the additional casting that results. If you go mastery, you will need less. With the amount of spirit in the current tier, I wouldn't worry to much about reforging/gemming for more, unless you are going OOM constantly (and if you are, you should look to make sure that you are using all your mana recovery abilities to their potential)

    Many people swear by healbot.
    personally use Grid with a clique addon, or just write my own mouseover macros.
    I use NeedToKnow to keep track of my judgement, has worked especially well with the new change.

    To maintain mana, you should use Divine Plea (glyphed of course) as soon as you dip down enough mana that it will fill you up, but don't use it during heavy damage moments. Keep the judge buff up, and holy shock on cooldown to make sure that you have plenty of Holy Power to cast free heals.

    Flash heal should be used when a target is dangerously close to dying, and you don't have the time for a Divine Light cast. Use it only when necessary as it will drain your mana.

    You cannot spam holy radiance for long, you will go OOM. It is best saved for heavy raid damage periods when everyone is stacked up real close. Even then, you should do 2 HR with 1 holy shock, then light of dawn. That will max HPS and HPM.

    You can switch beacon of light if the tanks will be tanking the boss for a decent amount of time, as this helps build holy power. If they are not, then just keep it on them while healing raid.

    Int flask unless you are having mana isssues.

    Its good to have 1 point in Enlightened judgements to make sure you hit with you judgement, but it is not as important as before due to the heal not xfering over.

    Dont worry about being top at meters, just do you job and keep tanks and raid alive.

    Hope this help

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    Thank you sir! But there is still a confusing with the mastery. But i will test it. Thank you!

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    I'll have a stab at explaining it then.

    First of all, what is it that you are not understanding about the Holy Pala Mastery?

    The mechanic is relatively simple. When you cast a heal on a player, they also get a damage absorb bubble. The size of this bubble is dependent on the amount of Mastery you have.

    Made up numbers:

    10 mastery means a 10% shield.

    You heal for 10000 points with a Holy Light. The target gets a shield for 1000 damage absorption.

    20 mastery means a 20% shield.

    The same Holy Light for 10000 points now grants a shield for 2000 damage absorption.

    On paper, it looks quite good, in effect your heals get bigger. However, your mastery does not affect players healed by your Beacon of Light.


    You have two tanks, one is taking high damage, one is taking moderate damage.You can place your beacon on the second tank, and the transferred healing keeps him from dying while your primary target is taking the full amount of heals. Your mastery is not doing anything for the second tank - it is only making the absorb shield on the main tank because he is the one taking the direct healing.

    This is why Mastery is widely regarded as a low priority stat for Holy Paladins while tank healing. Now, if you are assigned to raid heal with Holy Radiance, Holy Shock and Light of Dawn, Mastery will become more useful, but that is a whole other kettle of fish.

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    There's also the fact that the shield will stack up to 1/3(I think, somewhere around there) of the casting paladins health. Since that buff, and the recent buff to radiance, mastery is actually far more useful than it used to. It used to be fairly even, maybe slightly better than crit in stat priorites, but it's certainly far closer to haste now.

    I know that personally it's certainly jumped up in terms of how much it was contributing to my healing. Used to be pretty negligible, now it's up around 10%, I've even seen it as high as 15%.

    Ka Pai, GMT+12 recruiting now!

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