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Thread: What am I doing wrong here

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    What am I doing wrong here


    I know there is a couple things that I can change on my own(IE one or both trinkets). But, as I sit right now. I am at 87.90% Avoidance without sheild block. I am still working on the helm / shoulder enchants. Guess what im having issues with is, what are the numbers I am looking for. How much mastery, parry %, dodge % should I have. Which stat am I to strong in vs. not enough in. Any advice on how I can make a change to help my healers would be great.

    The only reason I bring this up is last night on Blackhorn I was taking such spiky damage healers were blowing CD's on adds let alone the boss.

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    You want you're Block, DOdge, parry, and chance to be missed to add to 102.4% assume your chance to be missed is a static 5%. Until you're at that point you really want to get as much mastery as possible and then keep DOdge and parry ratings about Equal. Now alot of people will say you want to keep parry rating slightly ahead of dodge due to hold the line and this is true. However until you reach Full CTC (the special 102.4%) its actually better to keep them equal and thus get as close to 102.4% as possible. decreasesing the chance of taking and unmitigated hit is better than decreasing the size of a mitigated hit.

    THis should all be calculated while full buffed (with kings.battle shout, food and flas/elixirs), and you also will want to adjust for Windwalk procs, So for that reason you may want dodge to be about 200 Rating behind parry.

    Edit: your specs taken Blood craze which is a pretty wank talent. It's a tiny heal and unrelaible. if you're looking for saving healer mana take deep wounds. finishing the fight that much faster will save more mana than Bloodcraze. It's a Soloing/PVP talent. Incite is also an INCREDIBLY good talent, as a prot warrior, Heroic strike should be your biggest single source of single target damage. I'd drop Gag order and either thunderstruck or Imp.Revenge for it.

    Pick up Glyph of Demo chout.It will save you more GCDs than the other two shout glyphs and Demo shout has a much bigger effect on your damage intake than the other two shouts. Was it up 100% of the time on Blackhorn?

    Probably worth switching over to the Eternal Met gem. Red sockets should be Fine(Parry/Mastery), Blue sockets should be Puissant(Mastery/Stam), Yellow sockets should be Fractured (Mastery). Drop the Hit and Expertise gems. Tanks don't need either stat. At all.

    Your Mastery is pathetically Low. You really want to focus on getting that up.
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    That trinket hurts my eyes, why did you grab the valorpoint ranged weapon first instead of waiting for the trinket? The average itemlvl of your gear is a bit low things will get easier once you get more gear. Having parry 400-500 rating higher then dodge is alright but a 1k difference even before buffs is too much. What you can improve now:
    -reforge parry>dodge on belt
    -reforge parry>mastery on boots
    -reforge parry>mastery on ring
    -get the vp trinket
    -crafted bracers if you have the money for it else just hope zon'ozz will drop his
    -reforge parry>mastery on shoulders
    -reforge parry>dodge on neck
    -Get your therazane and earthen ring rep up no reason to slack on those and get the enchants

    I see you're just doing LFR, just keep at it enough upgrades for you there and not much competition as tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbad View Post
    -Get your therazane and earthen ring rep up no reason to slack on those and get the enchants
    THIS. Pick up the tabards and chain heroics, you can get both reps to exalted within a day (only need revered for the earthen enchant, but you should get exalted anyway and be a cool kid.
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    just don't let them melee you up the bum.

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