I'm in a guild that finally made 7/7 normal on the week of the nerf bat. This guild is really casual though and has no ambition to do any heroic modes. They just want to farm normal and bring in alts. The guild leader understands my concern and being that I'm the only one who doesn't like this, is ok with me leaving. He doesn't want me to leave, but also doesn't want me feeling like I'm wasting my $15 a month. My ideal progression would be a 25 man 6/7 heroic guild because most of the 7/7 heroic guilds raid more than I can fit in my week. I've been playing wow for 2 years, but don't have anything outstanding about my raiding experience and have no experience with this the current tier's heroics. I don't like the idea of using guilds as stepping stones to eventually make it there, but I don't see any other way. Any advice on this situation?