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Thread: NEED HELP! Prot Pally taking too much dmg

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    NEED HELP! Prot Pally taking too much dmg

    Almost every group i'm in healers have been complaining about me taking way too much damage. I asked a few geared pally tanks on my server for thoughts on why im taking so much damage but never got a answer. -___- So now i'm here hoping someone can help me out? am i reforged and gemmed wrong?


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    Don't reforge parry and dodge to expertise and hit.

    The boots from Dragonmaw reputation are better than yours.

    The cloak from the Thrall + Aggra questline is better than yours.

    Do tol'barad dailies (about a week) for the mastery/spell resist use trinket.

    Arbiter of light is a crap talent, put one point in Rule of Law and one in Pursuit of Justice.

    Hallowed Ground is also a pretty crappy talent, put the points in Eternal Glory.

    Glyph of Crusader Strike(prime) instead of Hammer of the Righteous for single-target tps.

    Oh yeah, and read my guide (see the signature )

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    NEED HELP! Prot Pally taking too much dmg

    All of his usggestions are a part of the big picture which is, care about combat table coverage more than item level or stam. His guide will cover most of it.
    "he doens't need healing, he doesn't need healing, he doesn't nee-WHAOSHIT!wtf was that man!". Please stop leaning on TDR. -Teng

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