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Thread: need help finding a good guild

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    need help finding a good guild

    I play a prot pally and the realm that i am on is just dead i have tried all the ways i could think of to find a good guild

    the problem is the fact i have been sooooo unlucky with raids and 5 mans that i am still have blue shoulders due to people ninja looting or just a lack of never seeing any drop dispite me clearing FL normal BoT and Bwd and about 5 za s a night.....thats alot of farming for shoulders

    but RNG against me I still am searching for a good skilled team of people to join. problem is I like to raid with people that are at a high skill level as i would like to think i am at. due to never seeing any shoulders drop all the good guilds i apply for dont give me a second glance an think im joking. low lvl of skill guild often are wasting time in raids ( that i dont mind) but do really stupid stuff and im just sat there most of the time with my head in my hand thinking WHY!!!

    on a personal note i think that if a guild is really that good gear shouldnt sway there deciion of person they should bring. obviousely there is a line but once you have full normal gear and just crap shoulders i feel for a progressed guild most of them wouldnt mind just giving up some shoulders to gain a good player

    any who abit rambley but any one got any tips to get into a good guild when RNG is just hard against you?

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    "In anything, if you want to go from just a beginner to a pro, you need a montage." /w TankSpot WTB Montage for Raiders.

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    Spell check your applications. Make sure they read well. If it's hard for me to read an app I'm already thinking the guys a moron. Nothing puts me off an app if I read they're applying as a "subtitle rouge" or some such. It may be hypocritical and judgmetal but that's how the world works.

    You're right that a "good guild" won't reject you on one piece of bad gear, However applying as a tank is always gonna be hard, Guilds tend to revolve around their tanks, so you don't often see a lot of recruitment for the tank position; You've got to put the app in at just the right time, and it has to be the best they get.

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    Start your own guild. It's not the easiest thing to do, but you won't get rejected for blue shoulders.

    "Subtitle Rouge" is how the pros roll Teng, didn't you get that memo? LOL!
    I'm way better at holding my liquor than a panda.

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