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Thread: Looking for Volatiles

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    Looking for Volatiles

    Hello. This is probably my first post so hope this is in the right spot. I was wondering if anyone might have a list of where to farm all the different volatile elements... Any help would be appreciated.


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    Hi Brent.

    The only places I've even seen Volatiles drop are either from Elemental mobs, mining (earth), fishing (water), and herbing (life). Running Vp on regular makes for easy farming of volatile Air, I've literally fished up volatile water (and no fish on the hook), and fire I've literally only seen from mobs or on the AH. Also, the mobs you can mine when doing the hyjal portion of the molten front dailys occasionally drop fire (The giants) but usually it's just vendor trash.

    Good luck!
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    Volatile Life:
    Pretty much all are gathered through Herbalism

    Volatile Earth:
    Most efficient farmed by Mining
    Can be looted from Earth Elementals
    Transmute in Deepholm

    Volatile Fire:
    Fishing in lava (there are some pools in front of Firelands portal)
    Occasionally mined from Elementium Ore (& higher) nodes
    Can be looted from Fire Elementals
    Transmute in Mt. Hyjal

    Volatile Water:
    Can be randomly fished up anywhere (low drop rate)
    Occasionally mined from Elementium Ore (& higher) nodes
    Can be looted form Water Elementals
    Transmute in Vashj'ir

    Volatile Air:
    Can be looted from Air Elementals
    As Engineer, can be found on all primary gathering professions (Mining, Skinning, Herbalism) with the correct tinker in your bags.
    Transmute in Uldum

    Alchemists can Transmute Volatile Life into a random element, although in specific Cataclysm zones, you can 'force' the transmute to give the specified element. Transmute mastery will give 2-4 random Volatiles on top of this, regardless of zone.

    If you are looking for a specific Volatile, you may wish to look it up on Wowhead and look the drops and/or comments for more specific advice.
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    You can also fish Volatile Fire in Twilight Highlands in the lava pools below BoT. There are "schools" for Volatile Fire just like the fish ones.

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    Skinners very rarely can get any of the volatiles.

    Note on the Water, only fished from Cata Zone Pools.

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