My question is regarding two servers. I am up in the air between Killrogg US Alliance or Arthas US Horde. At the moment I have one 85 currently on Arthas, however my friends have been telling me that if I came to their server they think that the raiding would be better for me; however they are not the best players in the world. I used to raid hardcore in WotLK and am just coming back to WoW seriously now and really need to be able to get on a server and place that will give me some chances in at least being able to do a few Pug runs to get some achievements and not look like a complete and total noob to those elitest in most guilds. So to anyone playing on either server if you could tell me how you feel regarding the two it would be greatly appericiated.

I am actually looking to get back into Hardcore raiding so please keep that in mind, I have been looking at guild ox for both servers and it has been so long I just need another outlook on how these two servers appear. All advice and opinions will be greatly apperciated. The two toons I am referring to by the way are a Holy Paladin that is 85 on arths by the name of Jasha, and a old warlock from WoTLK heroic raiding so if that matters in consideration just puttting it ou there.

Thanks again to anyone who answers, and thanks for even taking the time out of your day to read this.