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Thread: Disc healer need helps

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    btw why do u think im a he im a girl not a male lol and im not lying about they told me to spec out of it cuz it was shit so i told them to jump for the fact you dnt need to follow most specs it give pplz room to play wit it. but when 4.3 drop and i need to change my spec cuz it mite not work as well i would but wit the patch i dnt think it matter to much at the fact im doing fine wit it having had any probs my ilvl is now 381 im full fl gear so it shouldnt make a different and they all so told me to gyhp pw shield not penance i dnt see why i would do that if im tank healing most of the time and i have the weaken sould debuff im speced in to so i just goin to leave it i got ask to join a guild and they think my spec is fine so i think pplz just think they are only tank healer when in fact there just as good as raid healing
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    If you're as great as you say you are then they will not care as much about your spec as long as you can produce combat logs.

    As a co-gm I wouldn't take you based on your attitude and HORRIBLE spelling. Food for thought.

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    Disc healer need helps

    Quote Originally Posted by Theotherone View Post
    35k hps, I don't think so. Smells like troll in here.
    I did 26k heals there. The other did 14-16k hps. But im a holy, i've never done over 16k hps as a disc, but tanks will simply do not die on my watch (as long as they dont do sth crazy of course).

    I've tried both specs (disc with and without A/A). I found that a/a spec doesnt fit me well, especially for raids, smiting and doing PoH will give overhealing to melee people, but it's amazing for some bosses.

    But i still prefer without a/a since i do not have to stack up those evangelism buff, and i can put two extra major glyphs since with a/a, glyph of divine accuracy and smite will surely have to take place.

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    You could pull off 35k heals per second if you solo healed a boss and the raid was to take loads of damage but in reality when two healing most bosses in 10 man heroics at least the most I have pulled off my self is around 20k HPS with a Resto Druid as the second healer doing around the same and an average of around 10 to 15k HPS for most fights.

    It's simply not possible to pull off more HPS then is required by damage taken unless you take over healing into account so judging healing by heals per second is not a very good way to go about doing it.

    When the next patch hits atonement spec will become more viable due to the fix in hit boxes but in my opinion it's still only a filler ability to be cast when there is very little healing required as it as far as I know is still targeting non player friendly targets.

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    Discipline should be prepared to both take atonement and not take atonement, it is a very very good spec choice yet at the same time it isn't always useful.

    Atonement is very good for especially holy fire, holy fire is basically a really cheap flash heal that also gives evangelism can't say no to that, and when the damage is low enough you can afford to smite the boss to keep mana up and ready arch angel. Anyone saying this isn't a valid spec doesn't know discipline to be honest.

    However at the same time, some bosses are 'immune' to atonement which makes the 5 talents a waste, take Ragnaros for example I don't think I have ever seen my atonement healing on that fight but I might be mistaken as some bosses to have stupid hit boxes that actually keeps the place attacked more than the yard range away from the tank. If your atonement heals can't heal anyone then all you are doing is getting an arch angel at the cost of not healing anyone, yes arch angel is a nice 15% buff but still it isn't to useful if you can't heal at the same time. I think Ragnaros is immune anyway, either that or our tanks just stay to far away one of the two. This problem will likely come back more times in the future as well with large bosses where you just plain can't atonement heal. This is the main reason you should be fine with changing out from atonement spec for these fights or it's a talent waste where you could otherwise take less damage or spam shields more etc.

    Also I forgot to add, for fights like Al'akir, taking 6% less spell damage and the like is far more helpful than atonement for fights where living is the main objective and not helping to dps or watching mana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alyeisa View Post
    ummm i raid heal better then u think everyone need to stop think disc is only a tank heal dude i think i no more then u cuz i helpped u out the other day i was asking if i should change or not not how to heal
    yes no maybe I dunno sure. heres the 3 digits of my phone number, email me.

    Doesn't sound fun to be talked to in riddles does it?

    (Maybe if you actually ask a question instead of saying 'I raid heal great but people want me to change my spec, but I don't want to change spec so should I?')

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    If I may, the reason you might be having trouble getting into guilds may not be entirely due to your spec. In fact, I would say it's more than likely they don't like your extremely defensive attitude (telling people off when they answer your question, for example) or your seemingly random jump to correct the people calling you a guy (which, sorry, where was that? The troll comment maybe?) Thanks for making the rest of us look bad, by the way.

    ANYWAY. If guilds are denying you because of that spec, they are either A: stupid, or B: lying to you. It's really you.

    Either way, stick to what you love as long as you know it's working for you, and find a group of people who understand you.

    Good luck!

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