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Thread: Research Study: Gnome Rogue with Pink Mohawk LFG

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    Research Study: Gnome Rogue with Pink Mohawk LFG

    Have you ever wondered if playing a gnome in World of Warcraft says something about a player’s personality? Is it really the case that women prefer to play healers? And how similar or different are US and EU players? We are social scientists at the Palo Alto Research Centers and we too have often wondered about these questions. And that’s what this study is about.

    We’re trying to figure out how our behaviors in virtual worlds may or may not relate to who we are in the real world. The lead researchers in our team are Nick Yee and Nic Ducheneaut, both of whom have a long history of studying online games. We are also the same researchers who brought you the Daedalus Project and the PARC PlayOn Project.

    To be a part of our newest research project only takes about 15 minutes to complete a web survey. We will then use an automated script to collect your characters’ data from the Armory. Last year, we collected data from the US, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This time around, we’re expanding recruitment to WoW players in the EU as well.

    To participate in this study, you must be:
    - An active WoW player
    - Age 18 or above
    - Playing on a US or EU WoW server

    Follow this link to begin: http://wow.parc.com/survey/start.php

    If you have any questions about this study, I can answer them here or you can email me at nyee AT parc DOT com

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    Glad to help.
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    I'm a gnome rogue. Maybe I'll do this after work.
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    Thanks for the help all. We really appreciate it!

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