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Thread: Glory of the Firelands Raider

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    Glory of the Firelands Raider

    Overview on the Glory of the Firelands Raider meta achievement.

    The meta achievement requires that you have killed all bosses except Ragnaros on heroic difficulty. Note that many of the achievements will be difficult to perform on heroic difficulty and a lot easier on normal difficulty, but that to access heroic Ragnaros in a given raid week, you must have killed all the preceding bosses on heroic difficulty. Therefore, working on the meta achievement is likely to be something you attempt after or instead of progression on heroic Rag.

    After you have completed the heroic boss kills, there are 5 other boss kill achievements, plus the Staghelm achievement (which is not directly related to killing the boss). The Ragnar-O's achievement is not part of the meta.

    Beth'tilac: Death from Above.
    Difficulty: Fairly simple on normal mode, probably quite difficult on hard mode.
    Strategy: Don't kill drones until they reach the top of the web. You will want to DPS them until they get low (20% might be a good target, depending on the discipline of your dps). You'll be able to send extra DPS up to the top of the web. When the Drone goes up, DPS up top need to kill it ASAP. As you approach phase 3, you will almost certainly have 1 drone that you should NOT DPS at all. In normal mode, it's probably not a big worry if you have 2 drones left alive - the fixates and increased damage done by drones is why this might be rather tricky on heroic.
    Gotchas: In 10 man, you might find that a drone goes up around the same time as the 2nd smoldering devastation - meaning that you only have a tank and healer up top to kill it. If it's health is low enough, the tank can kill it alone.

    Rhyolith: Not an Ambi-turner.
    Difficulty: Fairly simple on normal mode, probably quite difficult on hard mode.
    Strategy: Turn right, never left. You'll probably want to try to balance your dps such that you are constantly steering between 60-70% (i.e. a moderately wide circle) and expect the volcanos to take a little while to stomp increasing raid damage. Edit: If you are having trouble, let him walk directly forwards to the center before doing any DPS.
    Gotchas: It is possible to fail the achievement even though you never saw it go left. Be very careful with dramatic dps swings, as if he resets to 50 (i.e. straight) and then goes left for even a fraction, you fail. Update: The in game achievement tracker will go red if you have failed - call a wipe and try again.

    Alysrazor: Do a Barrel Roll.
    Difficulty: Hard.
    Strategy: No-one gets hit by anything. You'll be surprised how many people were just getting clipped by the odd brushfire or tornado in all your normal attempts. The strategy here is really just to keep trying on normal mode, wiping if you fail. You might want to define some specific 'safe spots' and mark them with raid markers. Take one wipe at the start to very precisely place a few markers in places that are ideal start spots (to the left or right of an initial tornado spawn spot that will be moving away). Promote a few trusted players to find these spots, instruct them not to try to dodge on that attempt but just to find and mark a perfect start spot.
    Gotchas: It seems possible for fail tracker addons to sometimes fail themselves. You can use Skada 'Damage Taken by Spell' at the start of phase 2 to confirm whether anyone has been hit by any of the relevant damage types before calling the burn/wipe.

    Shannox: Bucket List.
    Difficulty: Easy.
    Strategy: Clear loads of trash. Enable tracking of the achievement in the built in UI. Pull Shannox at the path of corruption (path to the legendary area), then drag him to the base of the cliff near Beth'tilac (you do not need to go up the path to Beth). From there, move to the entrance path, then to the path up towards Rhyolith, then to Alysrazor's basin to kill. In normal mode, you'll probably want to kill Rageface right off the bat, but keep Riplimb alive to let tank bleed dots reset. You might find it helpful to run the route in advance and place some raid markers where the edge of the map zones are - you can see the names of the zones on the in game map.
    Gotchas: Just be a little careful about separation anxiety. The spear throw is the only dangerous time. If everyone including both tanks runs towards the next area at the time when riplimb is returning with spear in mouth, you should easily get all dots reset and a good distance around the circuit.

    Baleroc: Share the Pain.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Strategy: Post nerf, you have to be really doing something wrong not to have this already on normal mode. Aim to have each crystal tanked by 2 people, each taking 12-13 stacks (or a couple more if they have good defensive abilities). Include as many DPS as you can in the rotation. Kill the boss quick.
    Gotchas: If people are being daft, running through each other, they can stuff up the achievement. Addons will announce fails. On hard mode, unlucky RNG or mistakes with spreading torment can screw you up.

    Staghelm: Only the Penitent:
    Difficulty: Easy
    Strategy: Hotkey /sit or /kneel and target the central NPC that is casting. Get rid of your pets! Make sure you are sitting/kneeling when he completes his cast. Send 3 people to the left and right sides, have them sit in the little circles of flame. All together (coordinate using voice), stand/jump up and right click the orange mushroom.
    Gotchas: Right clicking the mushroom can be a little flaky. Don't panic and re-click straight away. Do make sure you are in one of the little flame circles. If you do screw it up, you can do a soft reset and try again: zone out, set to normal difficulty, 'reset all instances', try again.
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