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Thread: Carnage Inc RAID-A-THON (Maybe you can help)

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    Carnage Inc RAID-A-THON (Maybe you can help)

    My name is Michelle or Shell as my friends like to call me, and I have a huge passion for World of Warcraft. I play a human mage on Suarfang EU and I am the guild master of Carnage Inc.

    Many of you may be wondering why a RAID-A-THON for Cancer Research UK? Well last year my mum was diagnosed with kidney cancer and had to undergo major surgery to remove her kidney. Since then she is doing much better and has regular hospital checks.

    This was the hardest thing I have ever experienced in my life, my mum is my best friend and this news really shook my world!

    I have been thinking for a while how I could get my world of World of Warcraft guild involved. So I have come up with an idea how I (with the help of my guild) can combine our love for the game and the guild with raising money for a fantastic cause.

    ......And that is how Carnage Inc RAID-A-THON was born!

    The event will take place on Saturday 29 October 12:00 untill Sunday 30 October 12:00 (server time)

    RAID-A-THON will last a full 24 hours (with quick player swap outs). Myself and my guild members will endeavor to battle our way through all the raiding content the game has to offer, right from Vanilla to current content Firelands..... now that's a lot of raiding!

    The event to streamed live right here on the website so that all of you can watch, show your support and donate.

    We set out to raise a minimum of 500 from this event, we have managed to reach that target in little under two weeks. So we have now raised our target to 1000!

    To ensure we get of to a good start all of the guild members taking part will be paying a 5 entry fee as well as encouraging friends and family to sponsor them.

    Now all we need is you help to make sure we continue to reach our target and beyond. So come on guys dig deep.... every penny counts and this really is for a fantastic cause. All money raised will go directly to Cancer Research UK.
    When making a donation please be sure to mention your in-game name and server if relevant, also where you heard about RAID-A-THON. This will really help us to keep track of donations.

    You can also help us by spreading the word to friends, family and guild mates. By making a post on your guild site, updating your real id, Facebook, Twitter etc.

    carnage-inc.com/raidathon to watch the live stream and more info


    justgiving.com/carnageincraid-a-thon to donate

    Thanks in advance for your support,

    Michelemarie, Tapps and all of Carnage Inc

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    Bump! Over half way!

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    Thank you all for your support, and remember its not too late to donate

    But for now i am off to bed!

    Good night wow lovers

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