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Thread: Arms is my new off spec, I need some help

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    Arms is my new off spec, I need some help

    Thanks to those who helped me with the final adjustments to my tank gear to reach ctc. Now, I am back and have a another HALP! I need you to guide me post.

    Since I no longer carry two tank spec's I went arms as an off spec. I have accumilated some DPS gear that was just going to be DE'd so I threw it all together and thought I would ask for advice.

    I am currently logged out in my "best" DPS gear I had in my bags, I will give you none of it's enchanted yet. But I did try to reforge out haste and hit because I was so high above the hit cap. I gemmed almost all strength gems, save the boots that I gemmed str/crit for some reason.

    Ive got no real clue how to play arms, the last time I DPS'D in a raid was in BWL when I was duel wielding Nef's axe and core hound tooth.... Been a while... yea

    So anything you want to give me as far as advice I would love to have.


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    Assuming you are going to be arms for PvE dps:

    You should know that Arms is a good spec to try out warrior dps because it takes less work to reach the hit cap. After that it's a dead end. : ( On the other hand, Fury has been seeing a nerf every single patch since it became a viable spec in BC.

    Your selected arms talents are good except for Field Dressing. That said, the remaining talents you could choose are not all that great either. Warriors don't change stances often so Tactical Mastery is out. Precious few mobs use stuns, so Second Wind isn't so great either. Improved Hamstring is a situational pvp talent. Depending on your group, Drums of War would be worth taking. If you plan on interrupting consistently, I recommend getting Rude Interruption from the second tier of Fury.

    I see you with Incite, so you clearly intend to use Heroic Strike. You've also got a glyph of cleaving. As I recall they share the same CD.
    As you correctly guessed, AoE situations call for a Thunderclap to keep everything bleeding. I'll mention Bladestorm.

    Since you've reached the hit cap, you want to grab all the Strength and Crit you can get your blood-soaked hands on. Not Attack Power, Strength. Mastery is an ok stat, but it's not something you want to stack.

    As for rotation, as I understand it you want to keep rend up for overpower procs, and use Mortal Strike on CD. After that it becomes a game of rage management. Slam will give you damage, but it has a price. The .5 seconds you spend casting it will interrupt your auto attack swing, thus delay rage generation. Use it when you've got rage to spare. Heroic Strike is in the same place as it will take 30 rage away whenever it can.

    Deadly Calm is a cooldown to use when you want to dish out a lot of damage with slam, heroic strike and execute. Preferably after you have all three stacks of Lambs to the Slaughter.

    Good luck, and don't ask how you can make a training dummy bleed while you get a feel for Arms.

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