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Thread: T13 Warrior Revengeabsorb.

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    Imp revenge is good for an aoe tank spec.

    I still have it in my single target spec, I should probably move those points else where, but honestly once you get the core talents in it hardly matters where you put the last few points, unless you have a specific utility job in mind for a fight. Honestly I'm not seeing any of those in DS normal.

    The absorb from the 2pc is a shameful 3k ish on average. I pop revenge when its up to get sword an board procs and on progression when I feel every little bit of mitigation will help, though it probably is not doing much.

    Its a lackluster tier bonus, but since 4pc is pretty much required for raid wall you might as well squeeze a few revenges in there.
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    Actually, both Imp Revenge and Thunderstruck are great for AoE tanking, the major difference for single target is that Thunderstruck boosts abilities you would otherwise use (Rend+TC) while Imp Rev only means you need to actually put Rev on your bars.

    I think that those hardcore tanks picking up Revenge either do so because they're used to playing with it (without loss of performance vs not having it on their bars) or simply because progress fights they are doing simply require the most damage reduction/prevention they can afford losing DPS for. I think most tanks are of the latter mindset once they got 2p, with the idea that "a bit of absorbs help me more than 1% extra DPS, especially in fight where 7 people got a Legendary"
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    Ok guys help me out here, what am I missing. Looking through many logs I see revenge doing more damage than devastate, for example, random ultraxion kill, specced into imp revenge and deep wounds:


    Devastate: 768006 / (36+16) = 14769
    Revenge: 396724 / 26 = 15259

    Here a H Morchok parse from Kar, inner sanctum, he is also specced improved revenge:

    Devastate: 407682 / (23 +7) = 13589
    Revenge: 475628 / (24 +2) =18293

    I've gone through many kills and I usually see revenge on top, or both really close. Is it just a matter of a small sample size, or am I calculating average ability damage wrong ( total ability damage / (hits + crits) ?

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    You're omitting the damage from deep wounds. Every time you crit you get an extra 48% weapon damage, that as its a bleed, isn't affected by armour, and yes your sample size is pathetic. another factor to be aware of is that on taunt swap fights you can spend a fair amount of time not tanking, with low vengeance which can pull down Dev's average damage even though Dev doesn't scale as nicely with AP as revenge does. However the two can be very close fully buffed whilst at high vengeance in certain gear setups, ideally you'd need to sim it get a proper idea of which has the higher Damage Per Execute.

    Going off your armoury link you have an unbuffed weapon damage of 3147.5 so 48% of that is 1510.8 per crit of extra damage. which when we add it on to your figures ups your DPE for Dev to 15233.9ish. Only 16 damage behind unbuffed, so even a small increase (Kings, Bleed damage, physical damage) would prolly give your Dev enough to beat dev's damage. Now this is as i've said a poor sample set, Revenge didn't crit at all and while it doesn't ahve a high crit chance, it does have some etc, hopefully you can see what's happened with your numbers.

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    If you want to make a somewhat accurate comparison between revenge and devastate take a fight where you are almost always at full vengeance, zon'ozz or ultraxion for example. Then take the normal hit values add 8% crit for revenge and 28% crit for devastate this should take away most of the RNG of a small sample size, take your deep wounds damage and divide it by the number of crits so you get the deep wounds damage for 1 crit, add that up as well. When I last played around with the numbers revenge was slightly better but devastate very close behind it on damage.

    When i look at your 2 examples, the first one is missing revenge crits and both don't include deep wounds.

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    Another thing that escapes most ppl is that Revenge effectively has a 6 sec cooldown. And in reality it is used even less frequent than that. Whatever DPE advantage it has over Devastate, dissipates ones you divide it by 6 sec. Your Rev hits 600 harder than Dev? Fine, thats an extra 100 dps from Imp Revenge, or 50 dps per talent point. When most of our other DPS talents are around 300 dps per point and are fully automatic, no keys to press or procs to watch.

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