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Thread: Tankspot's Blizzcon 2011 Info feed - DAY ONE

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    Tankspot's Blizzcon 2011 Info feed - DAY ONE

    Good morning to all of you on this first day of Blizzcon!

    Let us begin!


    - CONFIRMED: This year we shall hear the next expansion that is being announced at 3:30EST! Stay tuned for the Title!

    - TITAN will NOT be discussed from the pre-show's statement.

    Opening Ceremony:

    - 800.000 $ given to Make a Wish Foundation thanks to the Moonkin pet sales

    - D3 will be Free for World of Warcraft subscribers that buy a Year's worth of WoW time. This is a contract with Blizzard you have. If you don't cancel for a year, you're in. Also, you are given a mount in WoW AND immediate access to beta entry for the next WoW Expansion!

    - War is Coming! The New Expansion: MISTS OF PANDARIA

    Added a new class: Monk. The whole scene shown looks to be very eastern oriental feel. New Race: Pandarian. Will be played by both factions. They make a choice between Alliance and Horde.

    - Pet Battle System, new Talent System, Pandaria island, Dungeon Challenges, Level 90 cap, oh my!

    Intermission with Chris Metzen:

    - No plans in updating current character models.

    - There will be some bad guys in the World of Pandaria that are native to the land.

    - Issues with Pandas with China? - "At the end of the day we made a commitment to be responsible and sensitive to these creatures."

    - PvP: Lil tricky here. It seems like it might be less about fighting and more about relax, passive and more lighthearted.

    INFO ON ANNUAL PASS: http://us.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?locale=en_US&tag=D3WoWFAQ&rhtml=true

    http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/3767193/Sign_Up_for_the_World_of_Warcraft_Annual_Pass_and_ Get_Diablo_III_Free-10_21_2011#blog

    ntro to Mists of Pandaria Panel:

    - New things to do, Get people back into the world (Finally gonna address the lack of world interaction)

    - Do what you want to do to progress your character. Quests, and other fun lil things for endgame to progress.

    - Different talent trees, more interesting mixes (missed some of this, info will be nice in the thread.)

    - World of Pandaria: 5 new level up zones, single, unified continent, influenced by asian landscapes, AH, Bank and Centra Questing Hub. No flying until MAX level (Level 90 btw.)

    - Lore of Pandaria: Long, storied history. magically hidden since The Sundering. New land to explore. It's Alliance vs Horde so we'll have a lot of people sniffing abouts and trying to get resources. Might be interesting to see world pvp brought back.

    - The Wandering Isle: Panderen start zone...it's a FRIGGEN TURTLE! Story focused with simple mechanics, And it's a cross faction to choose between Horde or Alliance at level 10.

    - Creatures of Pandaria: Jinyu: Fish like creatures. Hozu: Monkey type race. Verming: .....OMFG IT's A RABBIT! Mantid: Looks like a Praying Mantis. With culture! Mogu: Look like an Orc but ...no, that's an orc like creature. Sha: Wisp/Evil Energy. Shadowform creatures.

    - The Jade Forest: Alliance and Horde are going to land here. Lands after a naval battle. Horde is north, Alliance is South. Lush rainforests and stone spires. This is where you will first meet the Hozu and Jinyu. Alliance will try to befriend Hozu, and Horde will try to befriend Jinyu. They're gonna try to turn both races against each other and this causes the Sha to appear. There's a dungeon: Temple of the Jade Serpent. (The dungeon is the Sha have taken over and because you caused the mess, you gotta go cleanse it.)

    - Valley of the Four Winds: Two zones within one big one. You'll get to choose between south or North when you first get into the zone. It's a Panderen Farmland section, has Costal Jungles. There's a huge Stormstout Brewery (Sounds like it's a dungeon.). You will first interact with the Mantid here.

    - New Features in the Expansion explained by Greg Ghostcrawler Street: New Race - Panderen. Can be either Horde or Alliance. Cannot be Death Knight, Druid, Paladin, Warlock.

    - Panderen Racial: Increasts the stat benefits from food. Gourmand - Cooking skills +15, Inner Peace - Rested experience last twice as long. Bouncy - 50% less damage. Quaking Palm _ touch a secret place and ...Incapacitates (if i read that right. Went too fast on me. Damn you GC.)

    - Class: Monk -Brewmaster - Tank! Drunken Master, hoooooo. Mistweaver: Healer. Healer that can stand up in melee. Bout time! Windwalker - Melee DPS ("Punch someone in the face!") -insert not a hero class quip, level 1 accessible-, Very Martial Arts based. Lots of Monk-only animations.

    - Monk races: Goblin and Worgen CANNOT be Monks.

    - Monk EQ: Hit a lot with hands and feet, need weapons for finishers. - Staves, Fists weapons, one handed axes, maces, swords, Offhand for healers. Leather wearers. (Author's note: Probably going to be mimicking the druid in stat requirements.)

    - Monk Resources: Chi: energy used for Jab and Roll. Jab generates light or dark force. Some finishers take light or dark forces. ...oooh THIS is creepy. This class has NO autoattack. Bar is currenty in the middle of the screen. odd placement. BAHAHAHAH They have TANSENKUKEN!

    Talents 2.0:

    - In Cata:

    Pro: Level 10 spec, Removed the junk, There are some choices.
    Cons: Risk of skipping core talents, Didn't remove enough junk, not enough choices, not enough customization, no true hybridization, Players are quite grumpy about the Talent Trees!

    - In Talent ....system...GONE!?!?!...psyche. Greatly changed though!

    Three types of abilities: Class abilities. Spec Abilities, Talents. Talents should be 'optional'

    Specs: Choose spec at level 10, get a spec at level 10, get additional spec abilities later - Old talents you need to have, old core abilities not every spec needs.

    IE Prot paladins:

    Level 10: Avenger's Shield
    20: HoR (Ret too)
    30: Judgement of the Just (passive)

    - No talent points or Ranks, One talent tree PER CLASS. Earn talents every 15 levels. Every talent, you choose one out of three. There are NO mandatory talents. Change talents as easily as glyphs.

    They'll show every class after this and their talents (5:15pm)


    - Short instances for a few players. They will be staged experiences. one of the examples given was a quest called Defense of Goldshire, which allow you to do three stage with different 'objectives'. It's like a chain quest of sorts. They are just changed one at a time.

    - "PvE battlegrounds": Think BGs but with NPC types. For example used, Battle of Grizzly Gulch (GG). Objectives: Slay soldiers, destroy battlements, then kill boss.

    - There are no player collisions, and could replace group quests.

    - You queue and Go, pretty much like the Dungeon Finder. There's absolutely no role requirements; you should have very short queues for this.

    Challenge Mode Dungeons:

    - Memories of the 45 Minute Baron run in Strat are what inspired this: Complete dungeons within x amount of minutes. You earn Bronze/silver/gold medals. All gear levels are normalized. your Gear is scaled down to a standard level. You can't really get better gear to overpower stuff. You get sweet looking gear with No stats (Transmogrify much?) and Valor Points.

    Pet Battle System:

    Collect, level and battle with companion pets, accessible to all players, works with almost every pet. Customize your pet (...pokemon..?)

    - Collect: This will work with existing pets. You can also get "Wild pets". There is a pet journal (omfg, there are some pokemon in my WoW.) Can trade pets now. Account wide pets!

    - Level: You win battles with your pets to gain experience and level. You learn new abilities you can use in battle, and you can create builds using abilities.

    - Battle: PvE and PvP battles. Turn based combat...You fight with a team of three pets, and there is a queuing system.

    - Customize: Name your pets, can give them an item. You can do individual builds and teams. You can meet masters and fight them and get abilities.


    - 9 awesome new dungeons 6 dungeons across Pandaria. Heroic updates of classing dugeons: Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery.


    Three new Epic raids, feature two new enemy races: Mogu and Mantid, Raid finder will be added in these for normal and heroic. And the reintroducing World Bosses!


    - Increased focus on the max level content stuff. We're talking about multiple hubs, incentives for dungeons and raiders. More quest choices, less linear. No more flying till max level so people don't go flying all over the place and getting advantages over others. Faction improvements: more incentive and more options to go and get some gear they want.


    - New battlegrounds: New styles of battlegrounds - (Payload, Murderball, DOTA style.), New arena (Tol'vir Proving Grounds).

    - STV Diamond Mine BG: Payload gameplay: You pretty much gotta escort mine cars to the depot. Got multiple tracts. First one to get to x resources wins.

    - Valley of Power: (Murderball) - Located in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (somewhere in Pandaria). You hold the object, which is more points. Multiple point zones. Object does damage to the holder and the damage increases over time. Showing a map of the way that the further you are from the middle, the less points you accumulate.

    - Tol'vir Proving Grounds - New Arena. Located in Uldum. It's a simple layout based on the Nagrand Arena. Uses Uldum artstyle.


    - Account bound Achievements will be added!

    Major class changes:

    - Resilience will be a base stat. As you get pvp gear, you'll get up to the regular amount with addition of gear.

    - Ranged Weapons: Hunter Minimum Range - GONE! Hunter Melee Weapon: GONE! Ranged Slot for all others - GONE!...oooh. Relics - GONE! Rogue and warrior can will throw their weapons, Wands will become main hand weapons.

    - Warlocks...GONE!...not. Unique resource for every spec. Affliction will be having Soul Shards. Demonology will have Demonic Fury. You beat stuff and when you get to max Fury, you turn into Demon Form. Destruction - Infernal Embers will be one of those hard to build up but once you do, you will do big damage with your fire spells.

    - Shaman: Buff Totems...GONE. :O All totems are now utility totems. Earthgrab totem does a root. Repulsion totems repels people. Bulwark totems which absorbs.

    - Druids: Always felt like they had four specs...SO NOW THEY DO! Feral - cat melee. Guardian - Bear (tanking). Some overlap between the two, And all druids will still go cat or bear form.

    - All Classes - Spell books have been cleaned up. Rotations have been improved. The spells are now learned right there on the field, no need to go back to the trainer (He will stay for respec.) Several new spells, specs more developed and talent trees are going to be made more FUN.


    - Talents 2.0: Major talent changes.

    - Goal: The goal is to stand beside another toon, like a rogue, and both of you have different abilities! Character customization was the original points of talents in the first place. Players have argued for more talent customization.

    - New Model: Class abilities: All warriors will learn Heroic Strike. Spec Abilities: Only Arms warriors learn Slam. Talents: Any warrior can choose Throwdown.

    - Many core abilities for Warriors: Enrage is one that is in there for all warriors.

    - At level 10, you get to choose your spec: Warriors - Arms/Fury/Protection. A panel is shown for what you get as you gain levels.

    - At level 15, you pick your talent. Three items are placed in the row that have the same goal. For Warriors, movement will be dependant on your style of gameplay.

    - Talent Philosophy: Gives you access to stuff that wasn't accessible. (Rogues now all can get Shadowstep for example.). There are several new, overpowered (feeling) talents. Raw powerful talents to make you feel powerful. If you don't see a talent you really enjoyed, don't worry; it's probably been given to your spec. IE: All Holy Priests have Circle of Healing. The hope is to make sure that you feel like you don't have any mandatory talents!

    Screenshots for classes!

    Death Knight:

    Tier 1: Diseases. Roiling Blood/Corpse Explosion/Outbreak
    Tier 2: Survivability: Lichborne, Anti-Magic Zone, Bone Shield
    Tier 3: Movement/control: Death's Advance/Chilblains/Asphyxiate (this will be awesome.)
    Tier 4: Self Healing: Death Pact/Death Siphon/Vampiric Blood
    Tier 5: Runic changes: Blood Tap/Runic Empowerment/Runic Corrupiton
    Tier 6: CC: Gorefiend's Grasp/Remorseless Winter/Desecrated Ground


    Tier 1: Cat theme: Feline Swiftness/Displacer Beast/Tireless Pursuit
    Tier 2: Healing Tier: Nature's Swiftness/Renewal/Cenarion Ward
    Tier 3: CC: Faerie Swarm/mass Entaglement/Typhoon
    Tier 4: Cool Tier: Wild Charge/Incarnation/Force of Nature
    Tier 5: Bear Theme: Demoralizing Roar/Ursol's Vortex/Bear Hug
    Tier 6: Shapeshifter styles: Heart of the Wild/Master Shapeshifter/Disentaglement


    Tier 1: Arrows and Ammo: Frozen Arrows/Arcane Arrows/Venom Tipped Arrows
    Tier 2: CC Tier: Silencing Shot/Wyvern Sting/Intimidation
    Tier 3: Disengage Tier: Posthaste/Evasiveness/Exhilaration
    Tier 4: Survival: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera/Aspect of the Iron Hawk/Spirit Bond
    Tier 5: Resources: Fervor/Readiness/Thrill of the Hunt
    Tier 6: Traps: Flash Freeze/Black Ice/Transmorph Trap


    Tier 1: Frost Tier: Ring of Frost/Cone of Cold/Frostjaw
    Tier 2: Survival: Greater Invisibility/Cauterize/Cold Snap
    Tier 3: Movement: Presence of Mind/Scorch/Arcane Flows
    Tier 4: Escape/Control: Mana Shield/Blazing Speed/Ice Barrier
    Tier 5: Polymorph: Sickly Polymorph/Heavy Polymorph/Double Polymorph
    Tier 6: Crowd Control: Blast Wave/Dragon's Breath/Slow


    Tier 1: Movement: Speed of Light/Long Arm of the Law/Pursuit of Justice
    Tier 2: CC: Fist of Justice/Repentance/Seal of Justice
    Tier 3: Survival tier: Blessed Life/Sacred Shield/Ardent Defender
    Tier 4: Healing Tier: Selfless Healer/Eternal Glory/Holy Shield
    Tier 5: Utility tier: Veneration/Acts of Sacrifice/Clemency
    Tier 6: Burst/CD: Holy Avenger/Sanctified Wrath/Divine Purpose


    Tier 1: Control: Void Tendrils/Psyfiend/Psychic Scream
    Tier 2: Movement: Body and Soul/Path of the Devout/Phantasm
    Tier 3: Damage/Healing: From Darkness, Comes Light/Divine Star/Archangel
    Tier 4: Survival: Desperate Prayer/Angelic Bulwark/Final Prayer
    Tier 5: Power: Twist of Fate/Power Infusion/Serendipity
    Tier 6: Health Control: Vow of Unity/Void Shift/Vampiric Dominance


    Tier 1: Stealth: Nightstalker/Subterfuge/Shadow Focus
    Tier 2: Control/Survival: Deadly Throw/Nerve Strike/Combat Readiness
    Tier 3: Survival: Cheat Death/Leeching Poison/Improved Recuperate
    Tier 4: Speed: Preperation/Shadowstep/Burst of Speed
    Tier 5: Debuffs: Deadly Brew/Brew/Paralytic Poison/Dirty Tricks
    Tier 6: Damage CDs: Killing Spree/Shadow Dance/Vendetta


    Tier 1: CC: Frozen Power/Earthgrab Totem/Repulsion Totem
    Tier 2: Survival: Nature's Guardian/Stone Bulwark Totem/Astral Shift
    Tier 3: Snare Avoidance: Improved Ghost Wolf/Windwalk Totem/Tranquil Mind Totem
    Tier 4: Healing tier: Healing Tide Totem/Ancestral Guidance/Fortifying Waters
    Tier 5: Burst: Elemental Mastery/Nature's Swiftness/Echo of the Elements
    Tier 6: High Concept Tier: Elemental Harmony/Totemic Restoration/Totemic Projection


    Tier 1: Regen Health: Dark Regeneration/Soul Leech/Harvest of Life
    Tier 2: Control: Howl of Terror/Mortal Coil/Shadowfury
    Tier 3: Survival: Hour of Twilight/Soul Link/Sacrificial Pact
    Tier 4: Heal/Avoid Damage: Bloodstone/Spell Drain/Nether Ward
    Tier 5: Pet: Grimoire of Supremacy/Grimoire of Service/Grimoire of Sacrifice
    Tier 6: Demon themed: Archimonde's Vengeance/Kil'jaeden's Cunning/Illidan's Guile


    Tier 1: Charge: Juggernaut/Double Time/Warbringer
    Tier 2: Health/Survival: Enraged Regeneration/Second Wind/Impending Victory
    Tier 3: CC: Throwdown/Piercing Howl/Cripple
    Tier 4: Silence: Gag Order/Rude Interruption/Disruption Shout
    Tier 5: Burst/Resource Management: Deadly Calm/Death Wish/Bull Rush
    Tier 6: Power attacks: Bladestorm/Shockwave/Avatar

    NOTE: None of these are set in stone. These are the ideas what they're going towards.

    Dungeons and Raids Q&A

    Challenge Mode: Players looking for a bigger challenge will be looking at this mode. Timed Dungeon runs to earn medals. The skill factor will be more important than the gear in this mode. Gear rewards will be mostly for Transmogrification. No stats on the gear; just awesome looking stuff for bragging rights. Leaderboards will be introduced and will be more for bragging rights and having fun with guildies and B.Net versions.

    Raids: Three new raids are being introduced in Mists of Pandaria. Liked the Cataclysm model of two raids with 5-6 bosses and one with a couple. Features mostly the new enemy races of Mogu and Mantid. Raid Finder/Normal/Heroic modes will be inserted for these raids.

    Mogu'Shan Palace:

    - Located atop Kun-Lai Summit, Six boss raids, and you will explore the secrets of the ancient Mogu empire.

    Raid Finder discussion:

    - Seeing how they're talking about dungeons and raids, they have decided to speak about the Raid Finder a bit. The reason it was done was on the success of Dungeon Finder. This allows for a wider accessibility for people to see raids as they seemed to dislike the amount that could see their work. This is going to be a lower difficulty, and rewards will be lower than normal mode loot. This finder will be launched in 4.3, and will be in all raids for 5.0 (MoP). Vanity Items will not be available in Raid Finder. Achievements for specific bosses will not be active either. An achievement will be done for doing the Raid Finder stuff, but it will not give you specific boss achievements for metas. 25 man raids will be the only type of raids as it's easier to fill out and lowers the time on the queue.

    Goals for Panderan:

    - Short focus is the goal. Halls of Origination was a little too long. Had to nerf stuff. They want to keep it short and focused. They will also not set up groups to fail. Dungeon Journal was actually made for this purpose so you can see what happened if a wipe happens. The dungeons and raids in this expansion will be more lighthearted and more fun like. It's allowing designers to be creative and put a whole eastern feel to the game as well as wacky new ideas they could put in. They also will give dungeons a part of the world, feeling as if you were actually still in the world. (Think the current AQ when flying over.)

    Q&A session: (Underlined is the question asked)

    Gear scale in dungeons, will it go up or down: the gear will scale up. They've been thinking about to scale the monsters up instead and give the gear the same feeling instead of feeling weaker.

    Dungeon/Raid finder - Can we queue for old dungeons BC and Wrath: Not sure if it's needed for those raids as most people use the old dungeons for achievements and getting transmog gear. It's not off the table but more of a question of interest and people.

    Outdoor dungeons did exist before but not in this expansion (Cata). Why go back to this version: Agreed that some did actually exist but not in the fashion. Quests will be available in the outside world for solo while you can enter the dungeon as well. Both will be interactive. Historically they had to scale them smaller.

    Quests in Raid Group: Good question, not sure why they have it like this and they may be removing the no quest restriction in raids!

    Kick Process - 3 hour cannot boot when a dungeon is 20 minutes: the number is modified dynamically by the amount of times a person was booted/did the booting. This is a way to moderate the whole kick process to be able to be kicked but not for the lulz.

    Tiers went from 12-13 bosses to 7-8 bosses in Cata. Is there a reason: Depends on the tier and what they want to give out as gear. They haven't figured it out yet.

    Jump of difficulty between normal and heroics and how people would only do a couple of normals: Currently no plans of having level 90 dungeons; will only have Heroics. It'll be Level dungeons/heroics/raids.

    Hardmode Toggling - can we get have more hard modes triggered by doing specific things such as pushing a button for mimiron hard mode in Ulduar: Liked the ulduar concept, but it was difficult to come up for every single boss a method to activate it.

    Legendary questchain - Can we get more of these so we can give them to people we want to give them to: We could, but at this point you'd lose the idea behind 'a legendary'. IE: Rogue daggers feel and sound like they work for it.

    10/25 man lockout has caused problems with off spec. Is the content going to be satisfy us enough to want to play our offspec: Lockout is nonexistant and you can join the raid finder with friends as a group. Trying to make everything fun for everyone. Still discussing about the 10/25 lockout since implementation. You never know.

    Classic dungeons going up (Stockades - HOGGER!): Might do some more, they're fun to do and well received by the community. Everyone loves Hogger!

    Can we expect to see to nerfed content every time?: No, not something we nerfed the raids for. Nerfed the content so everyone can see it. The 4.3 raid will be great and EPIC.

    For competitive raiders - Server first achievements, is there a way to separate achievements between 10s and 25s: Discussed about, understand the fact that 10 and 25 have different difficulties between each other. Something we can't promise but we'll see.

    Challenge Mode for raids: There is a chance. Starting with dungeons and seeing if they work out and want to see how it is received by the community. Was discussed to nerf gear all every 5% each time once challenge passed Gold so it is more challenging.

    Separate fields of progression (4 bosses per section to progress): it's been discussed and may definitely happen.

    5 Minute warning!

    Abyssal Maw Raid was never released. Will we see it?: Never really got into the story of Cataclysm. It just didn't 'fit' when they were thinking. The concept art is about as far as they had gotten.

    Great question - Hit expertise will be lowered by a percentage due to lowered ILVL. how are you going to fix people who get to the cap only: Top men are working on this!
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    Personally, I think "Mists of Pandaria" will be the 4.4 bridge to the next expansion, leading us to the south seas and maybe also Xoroth. Lady Azshara and N'Zoth will be the big antagonists of the next expansion.

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    Next to the murder capital of the world....
    MoP for the next expansion - makes the most sense to me, personally. It would be weird to have a Panda character though...although who knows? Maybe it'll be awesome-sauceness!
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    Blizzard has always had a serious note to every expansion. I really hope that MoP isn't what everyone thinks its going to be... if it IS a (as they have said they never use Pandaran any other way) non-serious expansion, with people playing pandas... i predict a massive drop is subs...

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    One can only hope.

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    Gonna get this started shortly folks. Chances are the intro will have some stuff, but the real meat will begin at around 3:30 EST.

    Please keep this page up and refresh as info will be posted as I go along and type stuff.

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    In the other thread lore mentioned wowhead will be doing a liveblog, but as of yet I have not even seen mention of it on either wowhead or wowheadnews. I realize it is a bit early but I would have though they would at least have the liveblog player on the site by now. Do we know when that is going to start and which panels they are doing?

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    DS, they may have a page up in the background ready to switch over when it goes live. Keep an eye out on it. Either way I'll be posting info at the top of this page so we'll get it started real quick.

    T-Minus 40 minutes till BlizzCon 2011 starts! Hope all of you are excited and curious as to what will happen!

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    I'm hoping they will pull something surprising out for the new expansion. Mists of Pandaria will probably be announced today, but perhaps as a "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" WOW spinoff, rather than as the actual meat of the expansion. Chris Metzen said flat-out in an interview that Pandaren have only ever been used in WoW's peripherals and never actually appeared in the game, and I don't expect them to change that formula radically. WoW works, it has been getting and keeping unprecedented numbers of subscribers for many years now, they would be stupid to radically change the tone of the game or the formula for it, and nothing Blizz has done so far has ever led me to believe that they're not business savvy.

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    But they don't copyright patches

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    Selling D3 Betas to keep people subscribed to WoW. Lol. Blizz is goin downhill. I'm starting to not even care about Diablo 3.

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    Mists of Pandariaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hhh aaaaaaahhhh xpac. Blizz lies

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    Well...I guess it's time to unsub...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanzer View Post
    Selling D3 Betas to keep people subscribed to WoW. Lol. Blizz is goin downhill. I'm starting to not even care about Diablo 3.
    Its almost garunteed that the next exp is going to suck. Theyre baiting people to buy a YEARS worth of wow so that they cant unsubscribe after the next expansion comes out and probably bombs.

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    Opening ceremonies are now finished. The panel will resume at 3:30pm with the Intro to Mists of Pandaria!

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    Holy crap... Pandas incoming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanzer View Post
    Selling D3 Betas to keep people subscribed to WoW. Lol. Blizz is goin downhill. I'm starting to not even care about Diablo 3.
    what are you talking about?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ciderhelm View Post
    I keep a few steel bars in my home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kanzer View Post
    Selling D3 Betas to keep people subscribed to WoW. Lol. Blizz is goin downhill. I'm starting to not even care about Diablo 3.
    Are you serious? Blizzard is rewarding the people who have been paying a subscription for a certain amount of time (You need to have had a wow sub before a certain date to be eligable). Please explain how rewarding dedicated fans is going downhill.

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooo. No pandas. NO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathroe View Post
    Are you serious? Blizzard is rewarding the people who have been paying a subscription for a certain amount of time (You need to have had a wow sub before a certain date to be eligable). Please explain how rewarding dedicated fans is going downhill.
    because how I understand it, it will be a new bundle. So if you bought a year pass 2 months ago, you will get nothing.

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