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Thread: The metal band named Azeroth and Duskwood, where they sell albums.

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    The metal band named Azeroth and Duskwood, where they sell albums.

    So I have been doing very well in my Spanish, so I decided to mix it with my other favorite thing: Hard Rock and Metal. Right now I'm searching for a way to get a hold of the earlier albums by Helker, which are all in Spanish, and I absolutely love singing along with the songs "Resistir", "Despertar", and "Viento y Fuego" and constantly translating them in my head. BTW if someone knows how I can get a hold of the albums "Resistir" and "ADN", please let me know! Amazon had nothing but a preorder on the ENGLISH version of their upcoming album (I'd much rather buy their Spanish version).

    But I digress, I saw a related video on youtube of a song called "La Promesa" (The Promise) by a band called Azeroth and it's the first song in their album "Historias y Leyendas" (Stories and Legends), which you can buy on a site called duskwood-records. Coincidence or....a byproduct of Blizzard's marketing in Latin America?

    Either way, for those that just like hard rock/metal:

    They do appear to get support from the Spanish speaking WoW community. Another video is blown up with "POR LA ALIANZA Y EL METAL" (For the Alliance and Metal) and "POR LA HORDA Y EL METAL" (you get the idea ^^)
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