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Thread: Dukse UI

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    Dukse UI

    Dukse UI
    1650 x 1080

    Welcome to Dukse UI.
    Before we start, I'd like to give all Credit to the actual Dukse. Cheers mate.
    Aswell as credit to all the Authors who made our lifes much easyer

    So let's get on with it.

    Always remember to take backup of your old UI, that'll be your WTF and Interface folders.

    This UI is primarly build for warrior, but I'm using it on Prot Paladin, Rogue, Disc Priest, Feral Druid, Resto Shaman, Frost Mage and Frost DK aswell.

    -Unpack the .rar file to your WoW folder.
    -Go to WTF > account, and change the name on the ACCOUNT NAME folder to the name of your account. Remeber caps.
    -Go into that folder and change name on the Realm, to the name of your realm.
    -Go into that folder, and change the name of 'Char name' to your char name (Copy the folder and rename to all the chars you got)

    All addons got a Dukse UI profile, so this shouldn't be much of a trouble.
    /sbf options (On screenshot, Raven)
    *Recount though, if you'd copyed the UI correct, you'll just have to '/recount profile copyfrom Dukse UI'

    You'll have to manually setup DBM, though.

    Support is not given, since I'm not author of the diffrent addons in the package.

    Thank you for using Dukse UI, and good luck with it.

    I would appreciate, if you would comment your thoughts on this pack, and how I can improve it.

    Best Regard

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    Skjern, Denmark
    I was a big fan of Dukse's ui to begin with and i must say you done quite a well done job mate

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