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Thread: wow players view on SW:TOR

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    I'm not in the SW:TOR beta, but I've seen a lot of the material put out by people like TotalBiscuit and I'm not impressed. It did, however, make me nostalgic for Knights of the Old Republic, which I just reinstalled. I'm not going to be playing SWTOR because I'm tired of the holy trinity dynamic, and I'm not going to pay two subscription fees. I'm sure it'll be a great game, with all the neat stuff like a good storyline and lightsabers, but I'm done with subscription-based MMOs. Once Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect 3, Heart of the Swarm, and Diablo 3 are out, I think I'll be done with WoW, too.
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    KOTOR was amazing! I'd like a chance to make an impact in that portion of SW history/lore, but sadly my compusaurus won't run it so I'm stuck with WoW. Works out fairly well since I still really like WoW.

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