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Thread: SMF warrior gander / issue

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    SMF warrior gander / issue


    Haven't been playing my warrior for awhile, stopped playing him around the time FL went live. I'm trying to get back into raiding, or just getting back into pulling those numbers i loved to see. i've been searching all over the internet for guides and threads on SMF warriors and just warriors in general. and for some reason I still can't help to keep a well put together dps report.

    I know that with my gear and experience i should be pulling around 20k+ but for some reason I find my self peaking at around 19k in the first stages of my rotation with cooldowns(Reck and DW) and slowly going down to 14-15k. The thing that frustrates me is that i put the time and effort into searching and trying to understand everything. but I believe I'm failing pretty badly when it comes to rotation.

    Pulling that amount of dps is nothing close to expected for a group in FL or even when 4.3 comes out. I'm trying to get my dps undercontoll so when 4.3 finally comes out. Ill be able to get some gear and hopefully into the new 5-mans/raid

    i've played my warrior ever sense wrath, but i'm pretty new to dps'ing. I'm still not sure if I like fury or arms yet. but I really don't have a problem with playing either. SMF vs TG also has the same feelings as fury and arms. And I'd like to know with the gear i have which would be better for me.( I use Shalug'doom for arms)

    But it all comes down to that I believe it doesn't have to do with gems,enchants and stats but with my ability to preform a decent rotation.

    HT > CS > BT > KB > HS (75+) is pretty much what I go by. which I usually see on peoples rotation in guides and such. But for some reason I can't pull the numbers or the dps as them. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I do know that I should be able to pull more dps than I'm doing now.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    There is actually a fantastic SMF guide on the official forums (who would have imagined that the official forums would be good for anything?)


    Hope that helps. As far as which spec to play, I found Arms to be way better than SMF at my gear level on my Warrior alt (around 355 equipped) just because SMF was permanently rage starved. I have yet to get a second decent 2h to try TG, so not sure how much my opinion is worth.

    Looking at the charts from H FL though, it looks like TG > SMF > Arms. TG just scales like crazy especially once you get some 391 weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sebadoh View Post
    TG just scales like crazy especially once you get some 391 weapons.
    Not to mention the t12 4 piece scales better for arms and TG since SMF prioritizes every insta-slam over raging blow.
    Bears are strong.

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