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Thread: Help w/ oRA3 Addon

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    Help w/ oRA3 Addon

    Today while in Raid/Party I was unable to get my oRA3 addon to showup, listing all the party buffs on cooldown. I re downloaded it but was still unable to get it to showup. I made sure it was checked off in my addon on folder. Also, within my raid frames it comes up but cant even get it to run a test bar?? Anyone else having issues with it.

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    I'd try disabling all of your addons except for oRA3. Then, see if it works. If it does, turn each addon on one after the other, and try opening it after you turn on each addon, then /reload between them. The addon that was last turned on when it fails for the first time is most likely your problem.
    Anyone got a table I can flip?

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