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Thread: Hour of Twilight

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    Hour of Twilight

    Quote Originally Posted by Aliena
    This is a walkthrough for Hour of Twilight, one of the new heroics releasing in patch 4.3. Keep in mind that all the footage in this video was taken just after the dungeon's release on the PTR, and certain details about the encounters may still change in the future.

    Hour of Twilight is an NPC-guided instance reminiscent of the dungeons released in late Wrath of the Lich King. You follow Thrall around through Dragonblight, fighting your way through gauntlets of trash and three bosses over the course of it. It's a quick, straightforward and easy instance, just don't forget to talk to Thrall whenever possible, as the instance won't progress if you leave him behind.

    After first entering the instance and talking to Thrall, you go through a quick gauntlet of ice elementals before you face your first opponent, Arcurion. As soon as you engage him, minions will spawn on the ledges surrounding the canyon and throw boulders at random party members. Thrall will deal with the minions, and all your party has to do is move from impending boulders while killing the boss.

    Occasionally, Arcurion will put chains of ice on all party members, which can be dispelled to allow them to keep moving out of boulders. A little while into the fight, Arcurion will entomb Thrall in an iceblock, which needs to be destroyed to keep the boulders at bay. At 30% health, Arcurion will start channeling Torrent of Frost, which deals 20k Frost Damage each second to every party member - quickly finish him off at this point, and if necessary, use defensive cooldowns to keep the damage at bay.

    After defeating him, talk to Thrall to engage the next portion of the instance. He'll lead you to Galakrond's Rest, where you face another gauntlet of trash packs and your second opponent, Asira Dawnslayer. Thrall will put up totems throughout this part of the instance, and as many party members as possible should stand in them to receive a major health and damage buff.

    Once you reach the end of the gauntlet, Asira Dawnslayer will appear on a dragon and force you into fighting her. Upon engaging her, Asira will put a debuff called Mark of Silence on all spellcasters in your group, including the healer. Everytime a debuffed party member casts a spell, Asira will throw a dagger their way and should it hit them, they'll be silenced for 2.5 seconds. The daggers can be interrupted by being positioned behind a tank or other melee character, should it be necessary to do so.

    She'll also throw red smoke clouds on the ground around her that damage anyone who stands in them and makes anyone in them as well as herself untargetable, so your tank needs to pull her out of the clouds.

    Thrall will help during the encounter by putting up the same totems he's been using in the preceding trash gauntlet, so whenever possible, your party members should stand in a totem range. When she's low on health, Asira will put up a Blade Barrier. To lift it, she needs to be hit by an attack that deals more than 30000 damage, so save a cooldown for this if your party has low damage output.

    After defeating her, dragons will descend and take your party to Wyrmrest Temple once mounted. Talking to Thrall will initiate the last trash gauntlet in this instance. This gauntlet consists of a bunch of Faceless and Tentacles. Ranged party members should nuke down the Tentacles once they appear whereas melee should concentrate on the Faceless.

    Once past the gauntlet and into the Temple, Archbishop Benedictus awaits. The bishop's gone a little powerhungry and is probably the most difficult encounter in this instance - if only for the number of different spells he'll throw at you. His first phase lasts from 100-60% of his health and in this stage he'll only use Holy Spells.

    First, he'll debuff a random party member with Righteous Shear, which deals damage to anyone near the debuffed party member and is dispelable; so either dispel it off them or have them stand away from the rest of the group.

    Occasionally, he'll summon orbs of light that will focus on a party member and then descend onto them, leaving a puddle of light on the ground that looks treacherously friendly but will dal 80k damage every couple seconds to anyone standing in it.

    Lastly, he'll summon a wave of light that will go across the middle platform in a random direction. Standing in one of those will deal 100k damage and knock back, so don't stand in them. Thrall will help by dispelling party members, destroying a majority of the orbs in the air and summoning a water bubble that protects anyone in it from the wave of light.

    At 60%, the Archbishop will transition to his shadow form and will continue to do the exact same abilities, except this time they all deal shadow damage and Thrall won't be able to assist with them. That means that the shadow orbs will actually focus three party members and leave three puddles on the ground that can't be stood in, and there'll be no water bubble to protect from the Shadow Wave - not that it was hard to avoid in the first place.

    Once defeated, you've cleared the whole instance. Congratulations! You might even have gotten a really terribly ugly staff.

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    This is a pretty fun dungeon. I just did it today on the PTR. I do hope once it goes live that there's at least one potential kill mechanic for each boss. As in, "You dispel this and move" or "You stay away from the boss during this ability" or you just flat out die. That'd make it more fun, imho.

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    TY Aliena!

    Really, REALLY appreciate the Awesome run through's Aliena.. it's funny... TankSpot was my first Wow site, and it's transformed over the years from Mid BC to now... You guys have taken it to the next level having everything a raider/avid wow casual like myself could ever want in a fan site. Thanks again for everything you all do for our community!

    You rock!

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    As always, I find your videos to be entertaining, yet insightful. :3

    Hopefully this dungeon actually offers something of a relaxing challenge.. as the footage you shared kinda makes it look like an overly boring dungeon that we'll get sick of quickly.

    If I wasn't so bed ridden, I'd join the PTR. :P

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    Here's my feedback so far. xP

    The trash on the way to the first boss is a little weak overall. Granted, they're more a setup for the boss' helpers during the fight, but maybe something to encourage control? Perhaps the adds could be given a point-blank explosion on death to necessitate killing them one by one, and healin before the next dies?

    The first boss... fairly weak at the start. There isn't much punishment for letting Thrall freeze up. Perhaps the adds need to be a bit more threatening. The soft 'enrage' at the end feels right, though.

    The trash on the way to Asira can be pretty harsh, especially if you're running without any of the 'hard cc' options for Humans. We found the best way to deal with this was to let Thrall face-aggro a pack, then pull one mob off at a time and burn it down. If the healer got some attention, snare/CC the add after said healer. Asira herself does okay tank damage when the healer isn't able to spam them, but otherwise is just a long fight drawn out by smoke cloud immunity. Perhaps make the daggers a bit more threatening, say adds a stacking damage buff the more daggers hit their intended target?

    The trash on the way to the third boss was alright. A little damage buff could do them good, but otherwise they were solid enough for the last leg of the way down. Archbishop is fun, challenging and hard, well-tuned and befitting the final 5-man boss of Cataclysm. His waves come -just- fast enough to warrant quick and attentive relocation when one's coming, the bubbles/pools are punishing enough to kill DPS that don't move when one's flying at them, and overall the boss is a frenetic mix of quick feet and attention to the surrounding area. The dispellable debuffs aren't really cast enough, though, to where it becomes a real added threat to the fight.

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    Nice walk-through! This is a great dungeon, but I have never been able to complete it. I really appreciate all the great advice, and now I feel that I am better armed and prepared to face this dungeon once more, hopefully successfully this time. Hopefully my computer will co-operate when I try and log on. It has been acting up lately, I suspect that either the video card of the cpu is starting to fail on me. I am thinking about just buying a whole new system before it goes on the blitz. What do you guys think about hhgregg? Would this be a good place to shop for a new system? I appreciate your advice on this, thanks.
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    That silence mechanic on the second boss in here is a real pain in the butt. good to know you can avoid it a bit by "hiding" behind ppl. sooo ... stand behind the other ranged dps and you will out dps them everytime lol.

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