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Thread: Druid Starsurge Macro (sorry if out of place)

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    Druid Starsurge Macro (sorry if out of place)

    So i play a balance druid and i try to use my starsurge whenever its not on cooldown, now i wanna have a macro that casts it if its up but doesnt if its it not so i can just use my normal rotation and not lose dps, i dont know if thats possible or how to set it up, if anyone could help me out that would be much appreciated
    p.s. ive tried:
    /cast starsurge
    /cast wrath
    it just ends up in the icon having the cooldown of starsurge

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    Hey you should get a cooldown monitor instead.

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    What you are asking is not possible. You could do a cast sequence macro, but what u are asking is for the macro to play for you, which they don't do. The reason I say that is this. If my dps priority of spells is a(10 sec cd), b(8 sec cd), c(8 sec cd), d(no cd), then I could just make macro-

    /cast a
    /cast b
    /cast c
    /cast d

    and that would be the only button I would need to press in order to dps. Its one thing to create a cast sequence macro for a set rotation, because you are limited by not being able to take advantage of procs and that will make ur dps suffer, so you would trade the lost dps with less buttons to push, or put in more effort and watch ur cds to do better dps.

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    Such a macro is a DPS loss even if it were possible. You're opperating under the assumption that Starsurge being off cooldown is the only consideration in whether or not it is used. Ideal usage however takes your current eclipse power status as well as current context into question. For example, if you are about to enter an Eclipse it is better to wait until you enter the Eclipse and use Starsurge as your first cast. However if you have a Shooting Stars proc and are currently or about to be required to move you may override the decision when to cast it in order to save the instant cast for your pending movement.

    What you are attempting to do will cause more harm than good. Balance is a spec that requires decision making, not scripting. A strong Balance Druid will not bind more than one ability to a single key binding typically, however, they may choose to bind abilities with other actions such as trinket usage together.
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