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Thread: Raid slot frustration.

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    Raid slot frustration.

    I am looking for a bit of advice. I am in a Causual guild currently. 6/7 normal. I have been with these guys for a very long time.

    Since Cataclyms started I have been having trouble here and there getting into raids.

    When I get into raids I am usualy in the top 3 dps as an Elemental shaman. New fights I tend to drop a bit till I find my rhythem. Part of the problem I think is that we have 2 Resto Shaman. One being the guild leader.

    We have several raiders...mostly officers...that take WoW vacations regularly, but as soon as they come back. They are taken into raids over those of us that have been there every single raid ready to go.

    I am worried I am looking at the grass is greener situation. I am nervous I would make a mistake by finding a raid group I want, but leave behind some people I care about.

    Should I stand up and fight for a position? (this can and has been ugly in the past)
    Should I try another guild? Elemental Shaman are in high demand...
    Any Advice?

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    The only way to guarantee you get a spot every week is if you run the raid. Can your current guild support a second group? Venturing out to other guilds will be less certainty than what you have now. You might be topping DPS charts now in your group, but could be in a different league in another guild.

    I would not demand it, but there are other ways to go about it. First and foremost would be a courteous, aka "nice", talk with your raid leader about your desire to become a more permanent part of the team. You can ask if there is anything that you need to address with yourself that might be hindering your selection. Ask for a open conversation. Sometimes people don't mesh thru no fault of their own.

    I would also venture to guess that the officers are always going to get top pick. Is the guild open to advancement to officer if you took on more responsibilities. Perhaps a talk with the GM would help clarify that.

    You may find that the guild leadership is not going to be open to your questions, but at least you will know for sure where you stand. That might help you decide if you want to stay or venture on. But the key here is to communicate and get yourself informed of how things are going to play out.

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    I think Ozonekiller couldn't be more right, simply ask the GM about securing a permanent position, which may not happen because these ppl that are in the group are most likely long time raiding buddies, and you are seen as a filler! Core groups tend to have a certain social structure and/or are cliques so moving from the outside to the inside is very likely not going to happen if it hasn't already! People tend to raid w/ ppl they like and mesh well w/ the whole group!, and they may see you as not one of those ppl although your performing well!

    Worst thing that can happen from asking if you can secure a permanent raid spot is being told no, and the event that it goes this way, like Ozonekiller said, you could suggest that you would like to start a 2nd group, or have the GM have someone start a group 2, the problem w/ this seems to be that the 2nd group seems to get poached to fill a missing spot in group 1!

    Really, you need to bring it up to your GM on a one on one and ask!, worst case scenario you will be exactly in the same position you are now but at least you will know where you stand and what to expect!
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    Sorry for the necro.

    If you know the fights well enough, ask to RECRUIT your own group. That way the raid leader/gm has his current group and any bench players he may need, and you have your own core group. It may take some time, but be picky! If you're looking to run 10s, pick up about 15 new members so that if your team IS poached from, you're still able to raid without having to use /2. I'd set up a guild website and have people apply directly to you. This way you can be as specific as you want, and interview the applicants to YOUR team yourself.

    If the GM isn't sympathetic to that approach, be kind when you gquit and start one of your own with the approach above. However, with the "starting my own", I'd also allow people below max level to join. This way you can keep your eye on other people that might fit in with the raid team to expand to 25 player, or start a second group. In fact, I'm actually debating this myself!
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