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Thread: [H] <Bladesong> on Blackhand; 10-man Recruiting a Few Awesome Folk

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    [H] <Bladesong> on Blackhand; 10-man Recruiting a Few Awesome Folk

    Who we are: Bladesong is a 10man Progression guild (4/7 Heroic FL currently). We raid Tues - Thurs from 7 - 10 server (CST). We also schedule optional events on Saturday for Social members, Alts, Achievements, etc. (Saturday may "soon" or occasionally include scheduled play in games outside WoW...keep reading!)

    Dedicated Raider Recruiting: Bladesong is currently looking for awesome raiders (specifically 2 Ranged DPS) for our progression team to help us prepare for 4.3! We expect our raiders to do their homework on their class and on new bosses to help us all learn new encounters quickly. Don't let gear be a deterrent if you are actively working to improve yours! Apply at http://www.bladesongguild.com

    Why Bladesong? Since our founding, "community" has been our #1 goal with "high performance expectations" a short second. Bladesong can be very picky with our recruits, but it has meant extremely low turnover in our main raid team (RL commitments can be a bummer sometimes). Communication between the raid leaders & players is very open in- & out-side of raids, with leaders frequently using input & comments from our players to refine our strategies. Raiding is a team sport here, and while we are not a democracy (what Minn says, goes...), no idea is a bad idea until proven...how shall I say...inefficient for our team.

    A little more about us...Bladesong was founded by veteran players who have been raiding since MC was...ahem..."the Bomb". Many of our members are semi-retired "hardcore" raiders. Semi-retired in that they're not here for the server rankings or raiding-till-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning anymore, but still find "Raiding" to be the most fun activity in WoW. Other members simply need a set bed-time (we're getting old). Bladesong raiding is progression-oriented and we strive for high-end efficiency, but we are not about server first/progress rankings. We want to see the content and kill it while it's current, but are in no particular rush to be the first guild to do so.

    If you really enjoy other games outside of WoW, you may be interested to know that Bladesong is currently in the process of expanding our community to include other games. Most of our raiders intend to play Diablo 3 & SWTOR when they release, though our primary focus will still be in World of Warcraft. Our GM (hello, my name is Minnaura) has been successfully corrupting...er...introducing our members to League of Legends to play on off nights while we are waiting for these releases (and DotA2 for a handful). A few also play Minecraft and/or SC2.

    Outside of raiding & games, if you enjoy reading fantasy fiction / were a fan of Scrubs or West Wing / are a fan of How I Met Your Mother or similar entertainment venues, you will find yourself in good company with Bladesong.

    Last Call: If you have found anything at all in this post vaguely interesting, please come talk to Minnaura or one of our officers on Blackhand (US) or shoot us a message on our website http://www.bladesongguild.com. I promise you won't be disappointed in this guild/community (and I don't take promises to complete strangers lightly). Plus, Minne tells good stories (if you couldn't tell from long-winded post). Don't let any of my guys tell you differently.

    Guild Leader: Minnaura (Tanks/Raid Leader Extraordinaire/Grey-haired Elder)
    Taedai (Bank/Heals)
    Goreheals (Heals)
    Onígen (DPS/Is Uber Fantastic at Everything/Bow Down & Worship/I Don't Know How we Keep Him Around/Man of Many Titles)
    Algae (co-Raid Lead/Tanks)
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