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Thread: "Dance" encounters Vs "output" encounters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theotherone View Post
    Well add to it that the damn webs disappear. Took us a couple tries to realize that we needed fresh taunts to time it right. But that said a simple "I got mine" in vent solved the issues, also looking at each other and waiting to see the tank do the little "jump" onto the web. Where random really came in was distance between tank - healer on some climbs up and climbing up onto a meteor patch while facing the wrong way. For some reason, I always seem to come up with my back to the boss.
    Were you in the same raid, as me? Hah! Yes, you are describing how it was, for us, as well. I also experienced times when I'd make it, up top, after the tank, and there'd be out of range problems, even though we'd gone up close to each other...when we did finally down her, I got the strong impression that it was because the stars aligned, just right...of course, it was also due to a lot of perserverance and coordination, so, overall, I'm happy about it...
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    I don't see this thread going anywhere, 3+ infractions, multiple post deletions, people "threatening" to quit. Martyrdom is dumb, and so is this thread now. Closed.

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