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Thread: 85 Enhancement shaman weapon q's

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    85 Enhancement shaman weapon q's

    Hi all!

    I have a few questions regarding weapons above lvl 359.

    First of all you can check my gear http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...wnstarr/simple

    I'm simple wondering why there is NO items above lvl 359 for shamans with 2.60 speed with agility on? Would it be a upgrade for me to go for 2 x http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/item/71362 instead, before I get to nail Baleroc and get 2 x http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/item/71312

    I just think it sucks that there are no such items for me, since agi gives alot more attack power than strenght gives me.

    Any suggestions on what to do to get more DPS? Doing anything between 20-30k atm.

    Thx in advance people!

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    Gatecrasher has 175 agility on it and a swing time of 2.60, Shatterskull Bonecrusher also has 175 agility and a 2.60 swing time drops off any FL boss except Ragnaros, yes the strength weapons are probably a slight upgrade over your 359s.
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    Before thinking about buying weapons for 50k gold you should start at the short end and reforge correctly. You're neither spell hit capped nor expertise capped but reforged into mastery. By simply reforging your gear accordingly you should see a 600 dps increase.

    Dual wielding two cleavers over your two 359 weapons with the correct reforges is a whooping 250 dps gain. And before it comes to your mind sadly the spelldamage dagger isn't an upgrade, only that 2.6 speed spelldamage axe is rather interesting (+1.200 dps over your current setup).

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    The spellpower axe in firelands is 2.4 speed, and is a sizable dps upgrade over the 359 weapons. However, there is nothing (aside from heroic Chul'korak, which I assume you're not going to get your raid to go back and grab) between what you have and either Gatecrasher or the Eye of Purification...or both.

    And klausi is right...you have 10.83% spell hit, which is 6.17% below the cap...and you're reforged OUT of hit (which is by far your best stat until capped). You even reforged FROM hit to HASTE (which is by far your WORST stat) of all things on your helm, crit to haste on your shoulders (also a dps downgrade), hit into mastery (while mastery is good, it's not as good as hit, under the cap) on the cloak, crit into haste on your bracers, you DIDN'T reforge the haste on your belt, you DID reforge out of hit (again) on your legs...the list goes on.

    Not to mention that you're not expertise capped either.

    In fact...I've already wasted too much time here...read the enhancement shaman guide here.

    And consider www.wowreforge.com.

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    u might also want to take into account that octoberfest is coming up and if all the gear is updated, we should be seeing updates to the boe beer mug maces as well

    also agree with the previous posts....u've reforged out of hit for one of our worst stats and are not hit/exp capped - that alone means ur not going to do the best dps u can do especially with ur current gear

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    Brewfest mugs are ilvl 365 just as all other items from there.
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