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Thread: Useful Rogue Macros (Shadow Dance Auto-Switch Included!)

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    Exclamation Useful Rogue Macros (Shadow Dance Auto-Switch Included!)

    #showtooltip [stance:1/2/3]Ambush;Backstab
    /startattack [nostance:1/2]
    /use [nostance:1/2,combat]10
    /use [spec:2,nostance:1/2,combat]13
    /use [spec:2,nostance:1/2,combat]14
    /cast [nostance:1/2,combat]Blood Fury
    /cast [stance:1/2/3]Ambush;Backstab
    /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    ^This macro and its tooltip will automatically change depending on your current "stance". Stance 1 is regular stealth, stance 2 is during the vanish buff, and stance 3 is shadow dance. I have written it to start auto attack when not stealthed, or during shadow dance. It will also activate engineering gloves while unstealthed or shadowdancing in combat, and in spec 2 (assuming spec 1 is for pvp and you want to manually control your trinkets), it will also activate your trinkets for you. Lastly, it will cast ambush if stealthed or during shadow dance, and cast backstab otherwise. Choose the ? macro icon, with a space for the name. If you are not an orc, remove the Blood Fury line, or change it to the appropriate racial, or "/use" and "Potion of the Tol'vir" instead.

    Some more useful rogue macros for any spec:

    /use [mod:ctrl]Mind-Numbing Poison;[mod:ctrl,spec:2]Wound Poison;[mod:shift]Crippling Poison;[mod:shift,spec:2]Deadly Poison;[nomod,spec:2]Instant Poison;Wound Poison
    /use [button:1]16;[button:2]17;[button:3]18
    /click StaticPopup1Button1

    ^All in one poisons, assuming spec 1 is PVP and spec 2 is PVE. Can be modified accordingly for specs and modifier key preferences. Set the three poisons you use most for spec 1, then again for spec 2. To use, simply hold the appropriate modifier key to choose the poison you would like (tooltip will change for you if you select the ? macro icon). Left-click to apply it to MH, right-click to apply it to offhand, and middle-click (mousewheel) to apply it to thrown. This macro automatically accepts the popup window asking if you want to overwrite current poisons.

    #showtooltip [nostealth,combat]Vanish;Stealth
    /cast [combat]Cloak of Shadows;Stealth
    /cast [nostealth,combat]Vanish

    ^This macro will put you in stealth or take you out of it when you are not in combat. If you are in combat, it will cast cloak of shadows and then vanish, with just one click.

    #showtooltip Tricks of the Trade
    /cast [nomod:shift,@focus,exists,help,nodead][nomod:shift]Tricks of the Trade
    /focus [mod:shift]target

    ^Automatic TotT macro. At the start of the instance, choose your TotT target, hold shift, then hit this macro. This will set them as your focus. For the rest of the instance you can simply hit the hotkey regularly to cast tricks without losing your current target. If the focus target is dead, then simply target another player and use the macro as you would normally use TotT from your spellbook. You will retain your original focus target (in case of battle rez).

    #showtooltip Blind
    /cast [@mouseover,exists,harm,nodead][]Blind

    ^Mouseover blind macro, so you can temporarily CC a target without losing your current one. If your mouse cursor is over a living enemy target, it will cast blind on it. If not, it will cast blind on your current selected target.

    #showtooltip Slice and Dice
    /startattack [nostance:1/2]
    /use [nostance:1/2,combat]10
    /use [nostance:1/2,combat]13
    /use [nostance:1/2,combat]14
    /cast [nostance:1/2,combat]Blood Fury
    /cast Slice and Dice
    /run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    ^This is the generic macro you want to use for all of your rogue moves if you don't use shadow dance, or don't need the specific move to swap for shadow dance. It will start auto-attacking the selected/nearest enemy if you are not stealthed, it will use your engineering gloves and trinkets if not stealthed, and then it will perform the selected move. If you are not an orc, remove the Blood Fury line, or change it to the appropriate racial, or "/use" and "Potion of the Tol'vir" instead. Simply replace both instances of Slice and Dice with the move of your choice. If you are PVPing, you can copy the /use lines from my FIRST macro (just enter the proper spec number for your PVE spec) to make it not auto-activate your trinkets.

    For all of the above macros, I recommend you go in to your WoW options, under sound/voices, and disable error speech.

    If you have any requests for any other macros, for ANY class/spec, just let me know and I'll see what I can do. I use a ton of macros on all my characters - none of them are "castsequence" macros (ie; mashing one button to perform your full rotation for you); all of the macros I use simply swap moves between stances, change via a modifier key (holding shift and whatnot), activate my trinkets or multiple moves off the GCD, or are mouseovers. They are all intended to save space on my action bars, not play the game FOR me.
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