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Thread: Fraps for mac?

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    Fraps for mac?

    Hi everyone
    I am a member of a 25man raiding guild and we were discussing how we would tackle 4.3 and we thought it came to mind that it would help me personally if I recorded attempts and watched them back to find faults in my play style but I'm on a mac and wanted to know if anyone knows a good program to record with I have been doing it in the past with QuickTime player but it reduces my frame rate quite a bit. Anyone know something lighter?

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    Well, there's ScreenFlow, which is what I use. After it finishes recording, you can edit your movie in the app as well, like iMovie. It records video from the iSight, audio from the built-in microphone, and the computer audio (game sounds, skype, ventrilo, etc.), all of which are customizable to your preferred input. It's $99 from the Mac App Store though, a little high I think.

    QuickTime, if it reduces your framerate, does not mean it's the program itself, but that maybe your Mac cannot handle WoW at your high settings and recording at the same time. QuickTime is pretty light.

    There's also Screeny, which is free in the Mac App Store. It's lightweight, but there's no built-in editor, and is maybe a little more complicated to use (in my opinion).

    Also, check this link out. I can't vouch for the other software, so just check out LifeHacker's opinion on them.

    Hope this helps a little.

    And good luck on 4.3!
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    video recorded with fraps is in avi format which is huge large in file size and also not compatible with mac
    we had better convert fraps video to mp4 or mov with the following guide at Convert and Compress Fraps Video to MP4

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    The Mac client has a built in video recording feature. Hit Esc -> Mac Options and configure quality settings there. You can also bind keys to start and stop recording from within the Keybinds panel, near the bottom. This has always worked decently for me.

    A side note, recording of screen is a very resource intensive process, you'll always take a wow performance hit while recording regardless of what software you use to do it. If you find your FPS dropping too much, try reducing the quality settings (especially resolution) of the recording. Many programs will limit your onscreen FPS to the FPS you've chosen to record at (usually ~30) whilst recording is in progress too, so don't worry about that. 30FPS is at the upper limit of what the human eye can distinguish anyway, you shouldn't notice any difference between 30 FPS and greater.

    EDIT: Oh right, old post, great.

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    what about for windows?

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    Well for windows users, you've got Fraps

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