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Thread: Guild Setup, Recruitment, Preparation

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    Guild Setup, Recruitment, Preparation

    Lately I've joined a raiding guild again as I felt it was time to have some steady raids again instead of pugs.
    But there are a few things I'm walking up against as I'm new to the guild I did say to them i'd be glad to help out filling out ranks and more if needed.

    They appriciate this effort and contribution to the guild in each way I can help.

    So these are the following things I'd like your opinions and ideas on, hopefully they can help me to get this guild a proper name on our realm.

    Guild LeveL:
    The guild basically transfered from a other realm and is now level 15, but we are aiming to be level 25 guild since a lot of people want this(for the perks ofcourse).
    Now my question to you is, in what way can we achieve this in the best possible way since we are a casual raiding guild for 3 days a week(10 man guild)

    Guild Setup:
    I'm quite new to Firelands(yes a bit late but still), I'd rather have a recommend setup for the raids then just trying achieve a raid setup that doesn't work, so you as 10 man guild what setups do you go with to raids and why?
    Please elaborate on this so I can see what I need to recruit more.

    Since there are a few guilds on my realm, recruiting will be a tad harder ofcourse since they have the progression already and we have downed 4 bosses in total in Firelands so far.
    These 4 bosses have been downed in 2 raiding nights, so I'd say we are pretty well based guild but we are currently lacking the numbers of our own so we have to pug 1-2 people sometimes.

    My question on this is, how can I recruit properly and quick in trade and or forums. What message do you use for example ingame to get things going in trade/general.

    How do you get your guys be ready for the raids, and what do you do if a person lacks the DPS or Healing?

    hope this information is readable in anyway, and hope to see some awnsers
    thanks in advance!

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    97 views and yet no reply or any advice given, can't anyone hand out proper advice?

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    Guild Level - ppl that want to raid dont care about guild lvl that is trivial (when new guild is formed it is kinda normal they start from lvl 1 )

    Guild Setup: - you can examine boss guides and figure out what you as guild lack ,but dont follow setups as something mandatory ,cause it is rare that 10 man guilds have 100% perfect setup for every fight

    Recruiting: you first need as guild to conclude what are your goals,how much skill your player base have and what kind of players are welcome .Recruitment is hard for any type of guild , it is not related did you killed 1 or all bosses on HC. You need to be wry honest and realistic about what kind of players your guild have.That is starting point for making something you will enjoy every day when you log in.Making guild stable is long process and it need big amount of your time to make all things as you like and even then there is a lot things to make better.

    Preparation: depends how serious ppl are about raiding.This part is personal ,you cant make someone read tactic etc.You can choose ppl that share same goals with you, but this part is personal and depends on how much someone is dedicated.

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    alright seems fair, but as for recruiting how or what message is best to attract people to a guild

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    Depends what kind of ppl you want to attract.

    Trade spam - is common way to get ppl.But you need to be aware that you will get loads of ppl that are not for your guild.

    Recruitment over forum - This is lets say more decent way to get ppl that you want to fit in your guild.You cant post your recruitment and in same time to look for ppl that are trying to find guild.Try to make your self clear about goals of guild.

    There is also online tools like http://www.wowmatcher.com/ that are nice .

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    Honestly? Don't do it, find a guild with solid leadership and join that guild.

    However, if you are set on doing this

    Guild level- it will level as you go on, there is not a whole you can do other than max out every characters xp, offer rewards, contests etc as incentive.

    Guild Setup- This is all based off research I myself run a 25 man guild, I cannot comment on 10 mans but being in the situation you are in, focusing on optimizing your comp will lead you down a road to dissappointment

    Recruitment- Trade chat, class based websites, official lfg forums, form pugs and bring people looking for a guild as a potential trial run...this is the most time consuming part of running a guild, between myself and my officers I would estimate we spend about an hour to two every single day from recruiting, reviewing app, doign interviews and denying and approving applicants.

    It is a lot of work, a lot of headache, but also in the end can potentially be very rewarding, however 95% of guilds fail because the leadership fails, so be sure you are prepared to spend the time to run the guild before rushing headlong. Even though the GM takes the brunt of the blame for a failed guild, remember you are leaving everyone out int he cold if this guild disbands or falls apart due to leadership that didnt think it out or stepped into the limelight for the wrong reasons.

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    I run a 10 man raiding guild on US-Dalaran, Clique. We are currently 3/7 HM. We began raiding about midway through T11.

    Answering your questions:

    Guild Level: The best possible way is to recruit more people to do things that affect your guild xp. As a 10 man guild, it is extremely difficult to hit experience cap on a daily basis. Even with people running Dungeons or doing BGs constantly, you will often fall short on the cap. My advice is to not worry about it. Perks are nice, not worth killing yourself over.

    Guild setup: First you need to establish who your main raiders are and what buffs and debuffs they provide. Also, what roles they can fill(DPS kiting, Air DPS for Alysrazor, interrupts, flexibility in terms of off spec etc...). Plug your current raid set up with no pugs into: Raid Comp and see what buffs and debuffs you are missing. This will give you a good idea on what you need to recruit. Keep in mind that covering the major buffs(Stamina, Replenishment, Spell/Melee Haste, 5% crit, Kings). For debuffs, it depends more on your set up than anything. If you run a heavy physical damage dealing set up(hunter dps &/or 3+ melee) then having spell caster debuffs isn't as important. On the vice versa, having a spell caster heavy set up you don't need to worry about things like bleed debuff, physical damage taken etc... etc..

    Clique runs a 2 melee 3 ranged dps team of: Ret Paladin, Frost DK, MM Hunter, Frost/Fire/Arcane Mage, & Boomkin. This gives us flexibility in our range team in terms of snares, pushback, burst DPS and it also provides melee kiting ability with our Frost DK.

    The last bit that should be on your mind is loot distribution. While it shouldn't make or break a guild, it is extremely helpful to plan on not having everyone fighting over the same tokens or pieces. Try to stay away from being too heavy in one armor type(plate, mail, cloth, leather). Loot is very difficult to come by in a 10 man, make sure that whatever the boss drops it can be used(within reason). Keep in mind that OS should be used to try and cover gaps in loot(Resto druid gathering Rogue leather if you have no Rogue for example).

    Finally, Clique runs this set up:

    Protection Warrior (Fury OS for 1 tank fights)
    Protection Paladin
    Restoration Druid (Feral OS for 2 heal fights, takes all rogue leather)
    Discipline/Holy Priest (flips as needed on a fight-to-fight basis)
    Holy Paladin
    Retribution Paladin
    Frost Death-Knight (Tank OS in case either tank can't make it)
    Marksman Hunter (Survival OS for AOE purposes)
    Balance Druid (Restoration OS, in case any healer can't make it)
    Frost/Fire/Arcane Mage (Flips based on fight demands)

    Ideally, we would want to have a Restoration Shaman in there to put 3 people on the Warrior/Hunter/Shaman token as well as gathering the extra mail gear.

    Recruitment: It is been my experience that recruiting in trade chat will often lead to terrible people joining your guild. I have always put posts on: Tankspot. Blizzard Official Guild Recruitment Forum and MMO-Champion. I've found all of my people through the Blizzard official Guild Recruitment board.

    In regards to what you should have in your recruitment post, you could go one or two ways. Either a long post explaining every detail of your guild or a shorter post and you will fill in the recruit during a Ventrilo interview or what-not. The content of your post should be your established goals of the guild. Ask yourself these questions:
    What kind of people do I want in the guild? (Cynical, sarcastic, quiet etc...)
    Define what "progression" is.
    Define what "hardcore" is.
    Does profession min/maxing matter?(For example, a warrior tank with Herbalism)
    What kind of experience level is your minimum? (Has the person done T11 heroics, WotLK heroics etc...)
    What is the minimum gear level you are willing to accept?
    What level of attendance are you expecting from people?

    While these may seem like simple questions, they are often over-looked by new guilds and lead them down strange paths with their new recruits.

    The reason I say to define "progression" and "hardcore" is because these two terms often get flung around by guilds and people looking for guilds. A guild may say "progression focused hardcore guild", but, what does that mean exactly? Does the guild stay past their scheduled time to get down a boss? Will the guild extend lock-outs to get kills? This message is not clear as some may think. In my opinion it is better to say "we will progress through Firelands as much as we can in our scheduled time,". This statement tells a lot more what a person can expect and if it matches what they are looking for.

    Preparation: Clique provides all food/flasks and repairs through the gbank. All I ask from the raiders is a willingness to pass on BoEs so they may be sold(Main spec over AH is our policy) and contribute to the gbank as much as they can. All it takes is 3 people herbing for an hour to give yourself enough for flasks, same with fishing.

    If a person is lacking, you have to talk to them about the situation in question as soon as possible. If a DPS is falling behind, make sure you know what is expected of them(particularly using programs like SimCraft or Rawr). But also keep in account things like movement or mechanics. Expecting your Arcane Mage to move around a bunch and then get on him for his lack of DPS is a catch-22 and you will appear incompetent.

    Treat all discussions about a persons performance with great care and respect. There are some people who are just bad at the game, others will try and improve as much as they can; if you let them. It all goes back to the goals of the guild. Do you want to recruit good players or make good players?

    Final Thoughts: It has been my experience that disappointment will always follow when leading a guild. People won't be able to show up because of electricity outage, or a death in the family. You must plan for these or you will be cancelling raid nights. Try to keep as much optimism as you can muster, being in a leadership position when everything your raiders do is voluntary. There are no consequences for what they do that isn't easily replaced. For example, they could just not show up and gquit before raid or intentionally wipe you. Keep a level head and take things in stride. If you buckle, people will sense it and that's when things start to go south. Even if things are at their worst, people need to believe that everything will be alright.

    Mostly, running a raiding guild is luck. You're either going to get a great group of people and will continue to recruit other great people along the way or you will get baddies. There isn't much you can do to help this other than having a rigorous interview process. Having members of the guild sitting in on applicant interviews is a great way to make people feel included as well as give you feedback on the person you may have missed.

    I wish you good luck in your guild efforts!

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    thanks for the feedback everyone I shall take these things into consideration and work hard for this guild, yes it will require effort but all in all the people we have so far are really nice! and that's what makes raiding fun for me again

    So i'll take all of these into consideration when recruiting new members. thanks a bunch

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