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Thread: Heroic Strike STILL too important (Protection).

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    We're talking in terms of damage sources, not rotation. It's not a case of am I going to press Revenge or am I going to press Heroic Strike. its a case that our Rage burner over the course of the fight is providing so much more damage than one of our major (i.e Glyphed) abilities. Heroic strike just makes up too much damage, whereas Revenge is in place right now that it can be left in the spell book, you do that with heroic strike and decent DPS will be able to catch you up on threat.

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    You should try and use Thunder Clap to keep up Rend (through BnT), which actually comes before SnB fishing abilities.Especially with a Bleed debuff, you should see way more DPS out of it.
    Unfortunately, it's not that easy. Remember that you're putting a Devastate into my rotation instead of that Rend or Thunderclap, which means you have to compare it to the lost contribution of Devastate, taking its higher critical strike chance into account, as well as the contribution of Sword and Board procs and the potential Heroic Strikes that come from the extra rage. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that "use Rend because of [enter number] damage" is grossly over-simplifying it.
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    Simcraft it.

    With somone putting up the bleed debuff Rend does slightly more threat per GCD Devastate, hell without a 2 pc backing it up, a BnT refreshed Rend out does Shield Slam. Yes it is more expensive and you don't get as many SnB procs but unless your rage starving alot you're not gonna lose that many, if any HSs, but you're gaining essentiall what amount to an extra Shield slam every 12 seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghladum View Post
    I have a Power Auras Classic string that puts up a nice Rend symbol if my target does not have Rend, and then another string that will pop up a bouncing Rend icon if Rend is within 7 seconds of falling off. This makes it a lot easier to keep great uptime. If you'd like I can include that string for you.
    I'd very much appreciate that Powa string Ghladum.


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