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Thread: Ragnaros 10H comp and strategy

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    Ragnaros 10H comp and strategy

    Hello, I just have a couple of questions about the Ragnaros fight. We are a pretty casual 25man guild, just cleared up to 6/7 heroic, but we are pretty sure we won't stand a chance at killing Ragnaros heroic on 25man with such a casual raiding schedule, so we were interested in switching to 10man for some time so we can kill it.

    Being a 25man guild, we can afford to get any setup and most of our players are, if not exceptional, very good. We have 2 Legendaries in the guild(on a SP and a warlock) and our average ilvl for the other players is somewhere around 383.

    Obviously in our comp we'll want to have those 2 players and I think demonology warlocks and shadow priests are pretty good there, so that's shouldn't be a problem in making the setup.

    Blood DK, Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior(his main spec is Fury, but he has very good Prot gear aswell)

    Exceptional Holy Paladin, Exceptional Resto druid, Exceptional Holy/Disc Priest

    DPSers(what I was thinking):
    Shadow Priest
    Demonology Warlock
    MM/Survival Hunter
    Arcane Mage
    Frost DK

    Any suggestions about this?

    I've been checking forums and movies in the past days on how to do it etc and this is what I came up with more or less.

    Phase 1, as someone stated in another ragnaros 10H tactic, it's almost about handling the traps, sounds pretty straightforward, you blow a trap up everytime the trap debuff is over with a player order for example, SP levitate, Demo lock portals, Arcane Mage blinks.

    Phase 2, we just bunch up in melee camp, 2-3seconds before the seeds come we pop Stampending Roar and start running, ofc the boomkin leaves his shrooms there, hunter leaves an immolation trap, etc. to maximize the AoE DPS. Hunter parks his pet to the right/left side of the seeds and the SP goes in the middle of the room and starts channeling Mind Sears off the pet so he can get as much DMG as possible on the elementals, boomkin pops starfall, demo lock uses felstorm on the elementals, frost DK goes near puts DnD on the seeds and starts running while spamming Howling Blast and if things get messy he pops AMS to cancel some damage, rinse and repeat. In case they don't die till they reach us we just start running the opposite direction so we can squeze in some more damage on them, but I doubt it since we have a ton of AoE.

    Phase 3, I don't think it will be needed to pop bloodlust, but we will try with and without to see if we actually need it, I don't think there's that much difference between the normal mode and heroic mode there, we just have to push more DPS.

    Phase 4, we will probably have our hunter to put down the Dreadflames since he can actually do the most dmg while running, we make groups of 3 to stay in a triangle on those icey thingies, we assign 2 players who'll push the meteors back. When the second icey thingy is going to spawn we get a meteor on top of the first one, call it and destroy it ASAP, move to the 2nd breath of frost, rinse and repeat till the Meteors are dead.

    Any suggestions on how to execute this better?

    Also I don't know how u handle Empower Sulfuras since it seems to be doing A LOT of dmg and how should we give the assignments in Intermissions? since they randomly spread, how to put stuns etc.

    Thanks in advance

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    Just out curiosity do you guys plan on doing 6/7H 10m to unlock him each week and not raid 25H at all?

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    Is it actually required to "unlock" him on heroic 10man by doing 6/7 HC on 10man? As far as I know you can just swap to heroic mode in front of the boss and get him into heroic mode, but even if we have to clear 6/7 HC we will just extend the ID for the upcomming weeks.
    And No, we don't plan on not raiding 25man HC, we will still have the 25man raid in addition to the 10man ragnaros heroic team

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    To attempt Heroic Ragnaros you have to clear 6/7H, yes. Also it has to be in whatever size you plan to attempt it in, since heroic lockouts are inflexible.

    The only reason I was asking is because it seems like a lot of extra work and potentially could exclude a lot of your raiders from participating during multiple lockouts.

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    That's not an issue, I just need to know everything there is to know about the encounter before we "go in" so we will avoid "what the hell just happened" moments and trying new tactics over and over again, wasting time. I know that there's a different "best tactic" for every raid setup, but we can execute anything without any problems, and the setup is very flexible.

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    Empowered Sulfuras will kill you instantly if not handled correctly, it's a lethal amount of damage.

    Any two tanks will work, warrior and paladin also aid on the raid-cooldown count if you feel low on this end.
    Paladin for sure, you can go with either resto druid or disc priest to assist. Biggest advantage of resto druid is that he can provide replenishment but since you got two legendaries already your shadowpriest can provides this buff as well.
    Owl, hunter and DK are totally awesome for the seed phase. You'll need about 185k rdps in phase 3 to bring it down to 2 meteors while still do the heigan dance, melee are stronger here. So it's the question if you want to bring the arcane mage or another melee who can continue to dps 100% while moving during world in flames (eg: an enhancer), but you would have to give up his +3% raiddamage buff in this certain setup. But i guess two legendaries should be enough ensure that after looking at several logs.

    Our DK has enough haste (with trinket) to push Howling Blast five times every second seed phase and don't waste any runes on DND, he comes very close to the druid's mushroom damage.

    But you should be aware of something else: you raid 25 man, 15 (more likely 20-25 people) left out of progression for a serious amount of time can really hurt your raid atmosphere. We're talking about one month worth of full nights of wiping here. And if you go down the road of your bomb strategy it's tough to swap out any of your dps for another class because everyone fits into a certain role.

    Quote Originally Posted by HolyGraal View Post
    That's not an issue, I just need to know everything there is to know about the encounter before we "go in" so we will avoid "what the hell just happened" moments and trying new tactics over and over again, wasting time. I know that there's a different "best tactic" for every raid setup, but we can execute anything without any problems, and the setup is very flexible.
    Why then not checking the few videos and published WoL and just playing copycat? Of course we also watched killvideos and searched logs for some hints but we still had to learn that boss the (very!!!) hard way. Right now we can play phase 1 and 2 half asleep with still some sloppiness on phase 3 and lots of room for improvements in phase 4 with 250ish attempts worth of trying.

    An extract from the killing news of Angered to give you an idea:
    So, the fight itself. Wow.

    I raided M'uru pre nerf, Ragnaros makes him look like Argaloth. Those that haven't done this cannot even begin to understand the level of difficulty Ragnaros is on.

    P1 is very straight forward, you know what they say, the calm before the storm. Nothing much different from normal other then making sure your magma traps are not spawned in silly positions since you can only take every other one and have to take them later in the fight.

    P2 is, interesting. The Molten Seeds are on another level. You cannot reliably AoE them on 10man unless you have a strong roster specifically for pulling ridiculous AoE numbers within 2-5 seconds, for example DK's, Boomkins, Hunters. The thing is. Molten Seeds hit for about 25k before mitigation. If you're doing the AoE tactic, with their buff, they will one shot anyone if they hit you. Using a single target tactic, you have 8 people in the raid taking lots of damage. Whilst all this is happening, you have to dance and avoid engulfing flames, as well as sulfuras smash. Whilst making sure you pull semi decent DPS on the boss.

    P3 is a minor DPS requirement, those doing this with alot of execute classes shouldn't have an issue, even with only 1 execute capable spec we were actively pushing 2 meteors from the word go.

    P4. WOW. It's like a whole new fight. It really is. Just when you think you've learnt 75% of the fight you realise you've actually only learnt 20% of it. Basically, the general concept of P4 is that you have to constantly stand in a very small area with about an 8 yard diameter. Yet if 4 people or more stand within 6 yards of each other, it's game over. So basically you need to create 3 groups that form a triangle. If one person moves 1 yard out of place, it will be game over, and you have to move between 3-5 of these throughout the whole of P4. P4 also likes to have a significant amount of RNG. This patch you need to stand in, is also used to kill the meteors. However you have to use the first patch to mitigate a debuff, so have to wait for the 2nd before killing the meteor. Doesn't work so well when the meteors travel at a yard a minute and the Breadth of Frost spawns directly on top of the meteor and is unavoidable to trigger the Breadth of Frost. Also, there's another part of the fight called Dreadflame, Ragnaros will spawn patches of Fire that expand at a rapid rate and will pretty much just kill anyone that gets hit by them, other then one person who has a buff that enables them to extinguish them. That's fine, but the person doesn't gain this buff until after the first ones have spawned, so what do you do when the first one spawns in the Breadth of Frost? Pull your trousers down and take it like a man I guess. Then what do you do when your Breadth of Frosts spawn in the tiny section of the room covered in Dreadflame? And in 10man the Dreadflame expands at the same rate you can soak it, so pretty much pull your trousers down and take it like a man again.

    Overall, the fight is insanely difficult and has some RNG aspects that can be the most annoying shit in the world. Playing perfectly flawlessly for 10minutes straight and then wiping to an aspect of the fight that is completely uncontrollable is just a poor game design.

    Overall though, extremely happy with the tier. I'm so happy Blizzard have given the hardcore raiders something to seriously work on. Ragnaros is by far the hardest fight the game has ever seen and I sincerely hope Blizzard stick to doing this. If this is anything to go by, Deathwing will be legendary. However, I hope it's difficult but controllable. That means if a guild plays perfectly and does everything 100% perfect, they should kill the boss. Implementing RNG on a fight isn't fun, especially when it's 10minutes into a fight. I don't mind a little bit of randomness, but it shouldn't be such a kill or no kill aspect of the fight.
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    Your strat sounds fine. Your strat always looks messy as hell until you put in the 100+ wipes to make it look like swan lake when you down the boss.

    How should we give the assignments in Intermissions? since they randomly spread, how to put stuns etc.
    My guilds comp
    Arc mage
    Demo Lock
    MM Hunter
    Ele shaman
    Shadow priest
    frost dk.

    How we handle it:
    Our frost dk, shadow priest go left
    Our warlock and hunter go right
    Our ele shaman goes to side that is closest to the hammer. I.E.: If the hammer is left he goes left, right he goes right.
    Our arc mage goes to the side with the most.
    Our tanks and healer both take a side of the hammer.

    We found this to be the simplest way to handle it. The worst case is we have 2 dps and a tank handling 3 adds with the whole distance of the encounter to handle them in.
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    I've checked some movies, but I didn't understand/knew how to handle some of the abilities in there like the Empowered Sulfuras and how to assign the DPSers in 10man. 25 man raiding will not suffer during that period because our alts have just a little bit less gear than our mains, since we usually clear 4-5/7 HC on 10man.

    Thanks for the replies!

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    Entrapping Roots come into play to deal with Empowered Sulfuras. Empowered Sulfuras is a 5 sec cast and after that is a 5 sec buff, it's pretty much a wipe if he gets a successful melee swing off on a tank with that buff, so you want to have a tank taunt Ragnaros into the roots to stun him and have the buff wear off.
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