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Thread: Looking for general gear/stat advice for Prot Warrior

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    900 armor adds ~.7% to my armor damage reduction.

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    That means that on a pre-elixir armor reduction value of 50% (not that hard to get) is same as 1.4% overal reduction.
    At 55% pre-elixir it's ~1.5555%
    At 60% that would be 1.75%, although with DR it'll be closer to 1.7%
    So let's just say it's an average of 1.5% physical damage reduction.

    90 resistance on top of the 195 you should have is an average of:
    1 - [(1 - R(285)) / (1 - R(195))] = 1 - 71.75 / 78.78 = 8.92% magical reduction

    Portion of damage intake to have them be equal:
    1.5% * (1 - MP) = 8.92% * MP
    1.5% = 7.42% * MP
    MP = 16.82%
    Or: the magic damage you take needs to be ~1/6th of the total damage.

    Assuming ~20k melee DPS on you, that's 4k magical DPS or a 80k magical hit pre-resistance every 20s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Airowird View Post
    I don't know about the 5%, last time I checked it was 10% (coming from the original 25%), but it could be. Statement remains that the resistance needs to atleast insure an extra X% reduction at all times to be worth anything, as in overall reduction, armor would pretty much win any fight I can think of (except maybe Hydross).

    EJ lists 5% incriments where in WotLK they list 10% IIRC.

    If you just have the 95 resistance (mark?), 90 more takes you from 0% guaranteed (0-20%) to 10% guaranteed (10%-30%) (180 resistance).

    If you have 195 reistance (specific resistance), it takes you from 10% guaranteed (10%-30%) to 15% guaranteed (15% to 35%)

    At least if I'm reading the EJ table correctly.
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