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Thread: 2pT11 until I can get 2pT12 or just get rid of it?

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    2pT11 until I can get 2pT12 or just get rid of it?

    I'm not sure what I should get first with valors. Got almost enough for the T12 legs or chest, but should I really give up the 2pT11 without having 2pT12? Is it really that big of a loss? And don't say farm BH for the T12, nothing but pvp gear drops in there for me -_-.

    Also, about halfway to revered on this toon so can't wait for that trinket that will hopefully replace tia's grace.

    And another question, why the hell do bears do like 11-16k single target dps -_-.

    EDIT: I just remembered it might help if I linked my armory -_- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...Brycè/advanced
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    As a warrior i dropped mine, Surviving is more important than my threat, i can lose alot of TPS before it poses a problem to my raid's DPS. is having 10 percent smaller lacerate crits going to have much of a survivability detriment and is thing going to be outweighed bt the greater amount of stats having a piece of t12gear is.

    i think 11k is normal for a tank. 16 seems a bit high but maybe its due to gemming agiliy? that's effectively AP and Crit and Dodge. Plate tanks generally don't gem strength, which is AP and parry. what we gem doesn't offer much of a direct DPS increase.

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    i'd go with chest first and hope to get lucky in bh for the legs. i have 3pc t12 i'm just stuck wearing my t11 helm still for all fights. 2pc t11 was kinda bleh for bears anyways, i only looked at it for a hybrid set. i replace my t12 chest for t11 chest (and use t11 helm) for 2pc t11 + 2pc t12 when i dont have much to tank and can go cat.

    i usually pull 16k+ in 25s as an agi gemmed bear but it depends on how much time i can go into cat form. like for baleroc i pull 20k since i only taunt on decimating blades so most all of the fight i'm in cat form dpsing.

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    Hmm. What about upgrading your necklace and/or bracers first? I'm kinda in a similar situation, where I finally won my shoulders to round out my 4T11 set, and I'm kinda wanting to play with it for awhile before I give it up...

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    I still do not have 4pc t11, it was just awful for tanking. As far as threat, 2pc t12 is way more threat than 2pc t11.

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    Thank you, Darksend. I've been playing with 4T11 and I'm thinking it's nice for predictable damage spike fights (Neffy, Throne, and Chim), but I'll update my 2T12 first then, as it'll prolly be good for going cat as well.

    Right now I've got 4T11 head/chest/legs/shoulders, with the off piece being the Double Attack Handguards for the expertise. I'll check the numbers to see which of the three buyable pieces makes the most sense. Either that, or just get the chest and hope for a legs/gloves drop from Occul'thar, since we run him every week.

    I used to use the Sark of the Unwatched for the chest piece and the Poison Protocol Pauldrons with the 2T11, head/pants, but it's one of those 'hey, I finally got my 4 set' notions.

    Also, bears with high agi / crit for threat generation/SD procs do more DPS, especially when they can pad their numbers by going cat when they're not tanking, but some of it is what you have them doing. I pulled 33K DPS on Magmaw/25 the other night, but I was also doing nothing but tanking worms for the whole fight, which is constant steady AoE damage with steady incoming rage. :} It's cheese DPS. So is solo tanking all the adds on Rhyolith. I'd ignore the numbers, and look at 'how well are they staying alive?'


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    Are you talking tanking or DPS?

    For tanking, you can ditch both 2pct11 and 4pct11 at any time. You should be buying the Legs and the Chest asap.

    For DPS, 2pct12 should be better than 2pct11, but it's at least equal before considering stat increases. For kitties you'll want gloves.

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