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Thread: Disc vs Holy on Normal Beth

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    Disc vs Holy on Normal Beth

    My priest is disc/shadow. I get a lot of flack sometimes from the guild for not being disc/holy. I feel that I am a very good disc priest. I do not have mana issues, tanks are not dieing, my other healing targets are not dieing, I'm not dieing and my gear (with the exception of a gem or two) is fairly optimal. Maybe I'm missing something..(?).

    The issue that seems to be current is that we're working on Beth in normal mode (10m). We've myself, another priest who is holy/disc priest and generally either a shaman or a druid as heals. We send up the tank, 1 dps (melee) and the second priest (who has been running disc as well for this fight), while myself and the 3rd healer stay below. The folks down below are taking the AoE damage but we're keeping them up. The priest up above often dies, or their tank dies. I've made the suggestion that I go up top with the tank/dps and the other priest stay down, go holy and help heal the raid. I'm continuously told no - but I don't understand why that is. The raid leader wants a lightwell down below. If we simply switch positions, a lightwell could be down below.

    I've been running disc. since I rolled my priest in Wrath. If I'm doing it wrong - someone please tell me.

    I guess my main question is - when it comes to Beth, who's ideally on top?

    I'm not real sure how to insert links etc, but my name is Astani, I play on horde- kirin tor. my haste is low w/o buffs, but with the raid buffs, roughly 12-13% and my mastery is about 17%. I don't recall what my crit is off the top of my head b/c...well, I just don't lol. I apologize in advance if this should be under a different forum.

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    i would have the disc holy go holy and stay bottom and have you go top as disc. There is no reason for you to change specs to a spec already in the raid.

    And i'm not really sure what your RL is thinking on having you respec to holy when there is already a holy priest in the raid.

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    Our 25 man group sends up a disc priest and a holy pally up top, so I don't see why it would be an issue to send a disc priest up on 10 man as the only healer. Just make sure you arrange your groups appropriately to make effective use of PoH. Disc would do far better for tank healing anyways, since your Beth tank will start taking a lot of damage from melee hits and ember flare.

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    I don't really understand what your RL is gaining with 2 discipline priests on that fight. I'm the disc priest and I always go up. It's fairly easy to heal the tank for me there, obviously that tank needs to use some cd's sometimes, usually when he gets up way faster than me, and if we have a holy priest with us, he stays down while I go up. It's possible to do it with a holy priest up too, but having your holy priest going discipline, while you are discipline too and not having his gear maximazed for discipline, I quite don't understand his point sorry :/

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    It really sounds like there's some favoritism going on. There's no reason to run two of the same spec. If you already have someone who can spec Holy, they should and they should raid heal below. Plenty of communication needs to be had between the single target healer (ie, disc priest) and the single target (ie, the tank up top) as to when they're dropping/going up/falling etc.

    We use a holy paladin, while myself (holy priest) and a resto druid raid heal below.

    Like I said.. sounds like favoritism.. otherwise your RL would slap his forehead and feel kinda silly demanding that you re-spec into something that's already available.

    And on another note.. we only send the tank and 1 healer up.. and we pretty much have this on farm.

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    It sort of boggles my mind too. I heal this fight as a disc and I'm usually going up top. Our team carries a holy paladin and he's grounded. I can see some 'margin' for another tank heal with some AOE heal ability on the ground, but given the choice of holy or disc priest for that ground job..holy would be my way to go.

    For what its worth here are our keys to 'success' with Beth at 10man normal.

    1. Green raid marker the tank going up top. It stands out well against all that red.
    2. Up top healer, watch Green mark and 'threads' start moving to the thread farthest from the Green mark ASAP.
    3. When you see him "jump" on the thread, jump yourself.
    4. GH/Binding heal will make a nice combo along with Pennance/shields for you, a melee dps, and the tank.
    5. The melee coming up, should take in 2 phases, stay down the third phase.
    6. Mark the floor (floating marker) where you want folks to final phase (I like blue, stands out well)
    7. Everyone stacks, tanks possition boss so everyone's inside it.
    8. Healers announce big CD mass heals (Hymn, Spirit totem, Tranquility etc)
    9. Collect loot and move on...

    Don't know if that helps any but that's our formula for it. Our comp typically is:
    Bear Tank, Paladin OT
    Disc Priest, Holy Paladin, (Resto Shaman/Holy Priest/Druid - we've got a few floaters week to week)
    Mage, Unholy DK, Enhance Shaman, Balance Druid, and Hunter (MM/SV)

    Your mileage may vary, but hole that helps.


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    We also have a disc priest go up. Disc priests are great tank healers, and Beth hits really hard relative to other bosses. Definitely harder than the drones downstairs. Holy priests belong downstairs to help raid heal.

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    Healing up top is actually quite hard, I was healing up top in our 10 man with 1 tank and 1 melee dps but even for me the groups main tank healer it was a struggle beth hits hard.

    2x disc healing this fight is going to be quite hard, P1 is easy as pie in terms of raid healing but P2 requires a crap load of healing for the raid and tanks over a long length of time. I believe your raid leader is thinking about barrier for that phase but I don't think he understands the amount of damage incoming fact of the matter is I don't see 2x discs keeping the raid alive long enough to reach the point where two chained barriers + other cooldowns give you enough time to down her.

    If your still having issues with P1 I recommend checking out alternate tactics i.e the not sending anyone up top version it is by far the easier tactic for getting past P1 but it makes the fight longer as the boss starts P2 with 100% hp.

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    I agree with CoolNitro - healing up top can be quite hard. I was finally allowed to give it a try going up top last night. It took the group mmm..maybe 5-6 attempts but we got the big spider to be dead It was different from what I expected, though I did great with avoiding the fire - I just kind of forgot about the giant hole in the middle on our first attempt and walked right off the edge lol. Then there was a couple of communication errors where I went before the tank was up, but once the communication was down pat, we killed her and it felt awesome! We had one melee up top on the first couple of 'mini-phases' and then he stayed below while just the tank and I went up. We marked both tanks, and myself and I would follow the tank who was staying below so he could taunt my thread and pull the spinner away.

    Thank you all for the advise and reaffirming my own confidence because I thought maybe I was just missing something obvious lol

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    I tend to think that having x2 Disc priests on this fight is not really much of an issue. If the raid is divided neatly so that the priest healing the tank and dps up top are all in the same group then PoH even in disc is incredibly potent. Mixed with all of the shielding stronger single target heals and CDs such as PI,IF, and PS it shouldn't be hard at all to keep everyone alive up top.

    As for down below the same thing rings true a disc priest with shields that haste PoH is more than capable of healing the raid. On top of that. CoH is nice to have but it won't kill you to not have it.

    Plus you can probably use 4 barriers during the fight 1 off the start from the tank healer. Second after the first time the web group comes down and then stagger them again in P2. You should both also have your Divine Hymns up for P2 so between 2 disc priests you have 4 Raid CDs plus Tranq or Totem or whatever.

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