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Thread: My Fury Warrior Dps Sucks.

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    My Fury Warrior Dps Sucks.

    I have been a tank for most of my WoW Career. With raid lockouts the way they are you basically HAVE to have 2 viable raid specs in order to benefit your 10 man guild. And so I do it only to realize I suck at Titans Grip warrior dps. When i pop all my cool downs and trinkets I only pull around 13k in a 10 man raid. My armory is linked below. Any feedback or tips concerning rotation, gear, and Addons that make the dps job easier is much appreciated.



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    First off, gear enchants are nice, this includes the head, shoulder, legs. Stats for chest, lavawalker for feet, strength/crit everywhere else.

    Get the Strength meta for your head. http://www.wowhead.com/item=68779

    You have WAY too much expertise. All you need is 26/26. You have nearly double that. Reforge that and haste to either crit or hit where you can. (on license to slay reforge to crit). Specifically what to where overall, you should try a reforging tool. Its a tad wonky right now, but mr. robot will steer you in a better direction than you are in at the moment, you can always tweak later.

    For things to help with you priorities/rotation. Get an aura tracker like Need to Know, Tell Me When, Power Auras, Weak Auras, Proc Watch. I use Power Auras. Use those to know when things are off cool down, such as Colossus Smash, Raging Blow, Berserker Rage. Also use it for buff procs like Battle Trance (so you can get free HS), Executioner(counting stacks), Raw Fury of the Blackwing(stacks), Incite(show HS guarantee crit).

    Heres my setup.

    The Fury guide in the DPS section is very thorough, you should read it. The one on EJ is a good cliff's notes variety.
    They can both give you basic stat, rotation priorities.
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