Guild Name: Last Ember
Server: Azjol-Nerub EU-PvE

Current Progress: 2/7 Firelands heroic (Shannox, Lord Rhyolith)

Who we are

Last Ember are currently the top horde guild on Azjol-Nerub and have been in some form since Wrath of the Lich King. We're a group of people who have mostly played together since Wrath of the Lich King who reformed into a 10-man guild (from 25) when Cataclysm launched so we could focus our efforts on heroic mode content and enjoy ourselves along the way in a smaller group and enjoy the challenges of 10-man raiding. We're a relatively small guild of 14 raiders as we like to keep rotations and sit outs to a minimum but there is a need for balance in raids.

We're a very open group of people and you'll often find us chatting on Mumble until the small hours of the morning. We've got members from all over Europe and English is the language we use in guild and on our voice chat as well. We welcome people to have alts and if they have family members or close friends they want invited to join the guild as well socially. We're quite chatty and often jokey in our guild chat and on raids and we're all wanting to enjoy ourselves in a stress-free, friendly enironment on the way but still make progress.

The recruitment pool for horde on Azjol-Nerub is somewhat light which is why we're now looking for applicants from other servers to join us as we progress further into Firelands.

Raiding Times

Our raid days are Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday raiding from 19.45 until 23.30 server time with a few minutes break in between for people to grab a beer/tea/coffee/smoke. We have signups on our forum every week due by Tuesday evening with a rough roster and plan for the week done on Wednesday mornings.

Current recruitment spots

High Priority : 1x Death Knight Tank

We are currently looking for a DK tank due to our existing warrior tank being ready to retire from the game and in order to give some more variety to our tank team we are looking to replace this spot with a Death Knight. We're looking for someone who knows the role well and comes with decent gear. We're not expecting anyone with best in slot gear but we're not looking to equip up someone from blues! Ideally we need someone who is capable of performing at a heroic level and hit the ground running upon joining!

High Priority : 1x Balance Druid or 1x Elemental Shaman

We are also looking for either a Balance Druid or Elemental Shaman to help compliment our ranged dps team. With so many encounters so far requiring knock back effects and we run quite a close knit team, we're looking to bring in one of these classes who in their own right can output the damage but also bring extra abilities that are helpful on most heroic mode encounters.

Low Priority : We have no other spots specifically available at this time but we are always open to exceptional applications and if you feel you would make an invaluable addition to the team, we're always happy to hear from you and take these applications into consideration on a case by case basis.

How to apply

If you're interested in applying or would like more information, our website is at or you can post an application directly here. We only accept applications on our forum as all our guild members have their say on any application that comes in.

If you'd like to chat for some more information feel free to make up a level 1 character and poke myself on Alista (or I might be alting on my hunter Teeral) or feel free to poke anyone you see online for a chat and more information.