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Thread: Rhyolith and the Flaming Stomp of Doom... avoidable?

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    Personally? I'm having a blast in Firelands. Shannox is easily my favorite fight in there now, because it isn't a 'stand around and look cool and maybe taunt sometimes' fight. One-tanking Rhyolith's adds? I say 'Bring it.' It pushes the envelope of my abilities and definitely isn't a yawnfest.

    It's when we have to cope with the 'main tanks' (the ones who can't DPS) being both of the tanks and not doing their job right that teeth gnashing ensues. You have to hope they'll wise up and improve if you tell them what to do with practice, but it doesn't always work out that way. I had high hopes for the group I sent to Beth'tilac this week past, because I gave 'em 6/10 of the same group that did it the week before, but their new bottom tank was (in their raid leader's words, 'a space cadet', but to be fair, she was being compared to the raid leader I had with -me-, who plays a warrior who was tanking the drones -and- the spinners) and they were missing the feral druid who was soloing the spiderlings(!) doing nothing but kittyswipespam (he wasn't online), plus I took the superpally healer and the holy priest with net issues with my group and gave them the highpowered resto druid and a shammy healer in their place.

    It's definitely not easy being GM/primary raid lead, because you have to make the hard decisions. And some of these folks who need to step it up are people who have been with us for a long time, and I swore I was never going to be one of those heartless GMs that benched people for incompetence. But it is just as much my fault for letting people take advantage of me for it.


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    No it isn't easy.

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    "Concussive Stomp can be avoided by jumping just as Rhyolith puts his foot down- literally!"- Submitted by Magdalena of Darkspear-US
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